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Pre-And Post-Natal Fitness


intermittent-fasting-bodybuildingHaving exercised through three of my own pregnancies, I have a particular interest in fitness for moms.  Stay in shape    throughout your pregnancy and regain your shape after your baby is born!  Throughout my pregnancies, men and women        alike approached me with many questions: “Is it safe for my wife to work out during her pregnancy?”  “Can I still (fill in an exercise) when I’m pregnant?”   “Can I exercise and still breastfeed my baby?”  There’s a lot of myths and misinformation         out there for expectant and new moms.  It is one of my own personal goals to help educate and inform mothers about the  benefits of exercise for their own health as well as their children’s health.

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Pregnancy can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking time.  However, for women experiencing a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy, exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your growing baby.  If you have been exercising        prior to becoming pregnant, in many cases you can continue your activities throughout the pregnancy with some modifications.  The most important aspect of exercising during pregnancy is to listen to your own body.  Do only what feels right to you.          This is not a time to push your boundaries or try to make significant fitness gains.  For women who were fit before pregnancy, think of this as a time of maintaining your current level of fitness.

If you have not been regularly exercising prior to your pregnancy, consult your doctor or midwife before beginning any type of regimen.  For women with low-risk pregnancies, walking, swimming, light strength training, and yoga are generally appropriate.  As your pregnancy progresses, you can expect to see some improvements in your fitness level as well as your sense of well-being.  But this is not the time to begin a rigorous routine or attempt a complete “fitness makeover.”

All women should check with your doctor or midwife to find out if your exercise activities are appropriate.  Some activities with  high potential for falls or injury are specifically contraindicated in pregnancy, such as downhill skiing, horseback riding, and   scuba diving.  Activities such as group exercise classes, cardio machines, and strength training, can generally be safely   attended by pregnant women.

You may find you need to make some modifications to your exercise activities during your pregnancy.  In the first trimester, fatigue and nausea often keep women away from the gym.  But light exercise can actually help combat these symptoms, so consider scaling back your workouts in duration and intensity before giving up completely.  If your symptoms are severe enough  to keep you away from your workouts for several weeks, resume them slowly when you are feeling better.  Don’t expect to jump right back in where you left off.  In the third trimester, a displaced center of gravity and significant weight gain often contribute to   a lack of balance and general feelings of awkwardness.  If this makes it difficult to attend your favorite step class or keep up    your jogging routine, consider switching to an aqua aerobics class or hi-low aerobics class geared towards pregnant women.  Fatigue becomes an issue again towards the end of pregnancy, so adjust your intensity and/or duration accordingly.  As in the first trimester, continuing to perform some exercise may actually improve feelings of fatigue.

During any exercise, you should STOP IMMEDIATELY if you experience dizziness, abdominal cramping, bleeding, or contractions.  Contact your care provider before resuming any physical activity.

Pregnancy is not a time for weight loss.  Be sure to eat a well-balanced diet and consume enough calories to nourish both you and your growing baby.  Drink plenty of water, not just during exercise, to maintain proper blood volume and amniotic fluid    levels.  Should you have any questions about what to eat during pregnancy, consult your care provider or a registered dietitian    for specific advice.


Most women can safely resume exercise within a few weeks of delivery.  Consult with your care provider to find out what is appropriate for your situation.  Once you have been given the go-ahead to return to your workouts, remember to start back  slowly.  One exercise you can resume within days of the birth are Kegels.  You can do them anytime, anyplace!

Research has shown that exercise does not affect breastfeeding in mothers who consume adequate water and calories for lactation.  Thus you can resume your workouts without worrying about being able to feed your baby!  Nurse just before your workout to prevent any discomfort, and always wear a supportive sports bra.  Post-workout, shower or wash off before nursing– Sweat is full of bacteria, and not very tasty either!

Many women are concerned about postpartum weight loss.  For some women, particularly those who breastfeed and/or   exercise, the weight comes off relatively quickly and easily.  But this is not always the case.  It may take 6 months or more        to lose all the baby pounds, especially if you had excess weight gain during the pregnancy.  Don’t get discouraged!  Through exercise and proper nutrition, the weight WILL come off.

If it is hard to find time to work out with a new baby around the house (and I know it is!), try incorporating your baby into your workouts.  Try a MamaStroll class, where you can get fit and meet other new moms!


How to Get Abs

man-absAsk anyone what body part they wish they could change or alter. 99.9% will tell you their midsection or abs. Abs are extremely desirable. With them being so desirable, there is tons of bullshit surrounding the process of getting abs because everyone wants that quick fix. Everyone wants to find that next miracle training program or diet. It just doesn’t exist, folks. The magic potions, pills, powders, body wraps, and infomercial “ab blasters” routines just don’t work in the long run. The lack of proper information and overwhelming amount of misinformation is extremely misleading and confusing to most. I have personally fallen into the traps and gimmicks at some point and time in my life and I wish I knew now what I didn’t know then. I learned from the mistakes, but it was a waste of time and energy I could have been putting towards other fitness endeavors. My goal for this blog post is to properly inform you about what ACTUALLY works in the long term. Getting abs, contrary to popular belief, is extremely simple. With that said, there is no “quick solution” to your long term problem. It takes time and dedication, but the process is unbelievably simple. 

Top 5 things to nail down to get abs:

1) Reducing bodyfat percentage. Everyone has abs believe it not. Some just have some extra “cushion” in front and around them. Visible abs are as simple as lowering your body fat to a desirable percentage. For women, anywhere from 12-18% is desirable. 12% being EXTREMELY lean. For men, anywhere from 6-10% is desirable. 6% being EXTREMELY lean. The lower ranges of these body fat percentages are not sustainable or good for your health, though. Anywhere in the middle of those numbers you will see your abs. You reduce your body fat percentage primarily by reducing the calories you eat. Refer to #2 below.

2) Caloric intake. I don’t care if you eat nothing but chicken and broccoli 6 times a day. If your calories are too high, you will not lose body fat and reveal your abs. I’m not saying to weigh every single drop of food on a food scale, but I am saying to monitor and have an overall idea of what you are eating on a daily basis in terms of calories. To reveal those abs, you have to lose body-fat. To lose body-fat, you have to decrease your caloric intake to be at a caloric deficit. Simply put, eat less than your body needs and you will lose body-fat. Depending on how severe you reduce your calories will dictate how fast the weight comes off. However, “starvation” type diets don’t work long term and calories should be reduced gradually. Fad dieting works, but not for the reason you think. Enjoy the foods you love and monitor caloric intake, it’s really that simple.

3) High protein consumption. No, high protein diets do not overload your kidneys or give you colon cancer or heart disease. High protein diets are extremely healthy and beneficial when it comes to losing body-fat. High protein consumption is associated with satiety (feeling full) and is extremely important when dieting on a calorie reduced diet. The fuller you feel, the less you eat. Also, high protein consumption ensures your body retains, or at least minimizes muscle loss. Sure, we can all lose weight, but we don’t want to lose hard earned muscle and have the “skinny fat” look. How much protein? 1 gram/lb of what you weigh. For instance, if you weigh 165, you need 165 grams of protein a day to ensure your body isn’t catabolizing it’s own muscle tissue.

4) Veggies. Really, veggies? How many times have you heard “eat your veggies”? Well, thank whoever told you this because they are right. The health benefits of veggies are numerous and everyone knows veggies are good for you, but probably not the reason you are thinking. Unfortunately, veggies don’t make us lean or make our abs pop out. That’s not how it works or why you should eat veggies. You should eat veggies because they are extremely satiating and fiber rich. Sateity + fiber rich content = fuller longer. Fuller longer = less calories eaten (majority of the time). Also, veggies are high in micronutrients which ensures your body is getting everything it needs in a state of caloric distress. The fiber content also allows your body to stay regular and digest the food you are eating. 

5) Exercise. Obviously, I couldn’t leave exercise out of my top 5. However, it’s probably not the type of exercise you are thinking. No, it’s not some infomercial “ab shredder” program. No, it’s not me telling you to do 1000 crunches and sit-ups a day. No, it’s not some fancy machine that “makes your abs pop”. Listen, that’s all bullshit. The REAL workout approach that works is to lift moderate to heavy weight and allow more recovery time between sessions due to you being low on calories. Your body needs a stimulus as well as recovery time. Anywhere from 6-12 reps is fine. Lifting weights while dieting to get abs is ESSENTIAL. ESSENTIAL. Why? Simply put, when you train in such a manner (lifting heavy weights) you ensure that you are preserving your muscle mass while dieting. High reps aren’t necessary, don’t believe the “high reps equal tone” bullcrap. It’s simply not true. Also, in addition to lifting heavy (I advise 3-4 days/week), 30-45 minutes of cardio on off days is a good idea. Not absolutely necessary, but a good idea. Cardio will aid in your fat loss goals. 

There are many “programs” out there that promise you results. All I am saying is don’t buy into the marketed BS. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Especially in the fitness industry. Follow these 5 keys above and you will surely be on your way to six pack abs. It takes time and dedication, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. You just have to be willing to put in the time and sacrifice it takes to get to where you want to go.

Takeaways/Key Points:

-Reducing bodyfat is the only way to get visible abs. No one exercise or food is going to give you abs. It’s a combination of things.

-Reducing caloric intake is the only way to lose bodyfat. If you eat more food than you expend, regardless of food selection, you will not lose weight. Can you lose weight eating nothing but junk? Yes, but keep in mind your overall health is what’s most important

-High protein consumption keeps you fuller longer and preserves your lean body mass while your losing fat. Win, win.

-Veggies ensure proper digestion, sufficient vitamins and mineral intake, and are very filling. Veggies are good for you in every spectrum. EAT YOUR VEGGIES.

-Exercise accelerates fat loss, given that your diet is on point. Exercise increases your metabolism, preserves muscle mass, and improves the way your body uses the nutrients you are feeding it. Lift heavy weights. “High rep = more tone” is a myth. LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS.


How to Choose the Right Fat Burners

intermittent-fasting-made-easier-e1439862036506If using a fat burning supplement is already an option in your quest to finding a way to lose weight, then you need to study your choices. There are many fat burner pills available in the market and you need to know which one best suits you and provide you with the best possible results. To learn how to choose the right fat burners, you have to know about the things that you need to consider.

Do your online research. So how do you choose the right fat burners? You can now do an online search to find the most effective and also the safest fat burners. Look for the one that improves your fat burning process and suppresses your appetite. Actually, this is so cliché because almost all weight loss supplements in the market today claim to speed up metabolism and suppress the appetite. When you search online, you’ll see that the weight loss pills are categorized into two, the natural fat burner pills and the prescription diet pills. All fat burners in both categories can block up to 25% of dietary fats from the foods you eat. The Food and Drug Administration and some medical communities have proven them clinically safe and effective.

Safety measures. In the case of natural fat burners, their efficiency was questioned in the past because of the presence of “Ephedrine” in their components. But this issue has long been corrected. But the thing is there are prescription fat burner pills that are specifically designed for treatment of obesity. Your health might be at risk if you consider taking such pills. Some of the harmful effects of these prescription diet pills to your body include loose stools, irritable bowels, oily complexions, and to some extent, brain problems. You wouldn’t want to be slim and dumb right? So make sure that you choose the fat burners that are clinically proven safe and effective.

Metabolism booster. As you pay serious attention to your weight problem, you need to learn how to choose the right fat burners for you. One of the characteristics of an effective fat burner is it increases your metabolism. Choose a fat burner that can provide your body more energy which will be used for burning more calories. Fat burners are amongst the weight loss supplements in the market that can help speed up your metabolism. They also help improve the fat burning process of your body whether directly or indirectly. 

Go for quality. All consumers want to buy high quality products including weight loss supplements. To make sure that your fat burner is of high quality, choose those that are of pharmaceutical quality.

Appetite-suppressing capability. If you want to achieve the best possible result, don’t just count on the fat burning ability of your fat burner pill. The ability to suppress the appetite must be given equal considerations because it can help reduce the amount of food that you eat. Check out also the tangible results that your fat burners produce. 

Go get yourself a doctor. You can ask your doctor early on before you look for the best fat burner pills. It’s always a good idea to seek the advice of a professional especially when you want to know which fat burner pill is right for you. Before you start your weight loss program, it is recommended that you first get a thorough physical examination. This is for health reasons so you may know if you have any health problem that might be seriously affected as you take any fat burning supplement. Most fat burning supplements available in the market today no longer have strong components that may be harmful to your body. However, this is what manufacturers claim so it is always best that you consult your doctor so you will be guided accordingly.

Should cost be a huge factor? Lastly, you must also take into consideration the cost of your fat burner because we all want to get our money’s worth for this weight loss supplement or any product for that matter. But if sticking to lower costs would mean poor quality and higher health risks, you better think twice.


5workout Routines That Strip Down Fat

bodybuilding-2Having a regular routine that you do each day can really make a difference when you are trying to lose weight. It would be better if you can choose a workout that is not so hard to do. The goal is to find an activity that you can do each day or every other day, something that can be done consistently and the type that will not give you any reason to quit.

Most people who want to lose weight wanted quick results. But the thing is we have a body that is not programmed to seize results in an instant. You did not gain those unwanted body fats overnight so it makes sense that you cannot get rid of them quick and easy. Together with proper diet and nutrition, try any of these 5 workout routines that strip down fat to help you achieve long lasting results.

1. Running. One of the best workout routines that can help you strip down all those unwanted fat is running. It is a cardiovascular exercise that when done religiously on a regular basis can help you lose weight all over your body. When you run, you get to move every part of your body so it can be a heavy cardio routine. Running alone can provide you a high intensity body workout. Although it looks simple and easy, you still need to consult a doctor before running particularly if you have previously experienced knee, back or any other sort of physical injury. If you have a choice, sand and grass are the best surfaces to run although running on asphalt is also acceptable.

2. Swimming. This body building cardio routine helps strengthen your whole body. Swimming is a great workout to help you lose weight all over your body. Aside from strengthening your stamina and endurance, swimming can also improve your heart rate. If your weight is around 150 pounds, you can burn 900 calories when you swim one mile in 30 minutes. At first, it may seem odd to expect to swim at such speed but in time as you swim more frequently, you’ll see that it can actually be done effortlessly. 

3. Cycling. Not only does it help you burn calories but riding a bike also gives you the chance to explore your surroundings. If you can’t fit into your busy schedule a time for exercise, then this workout routine is just perfect because you can just use a bicycle to get to your school or office. That is of course if you know how to ride a bike. And if you do, always take extra precautions. Cycling helps improve your strength and stamina. Cycling can help you burn 480 to 596 calories when you go 12 to 13.9 miles per hour.

4. Walking. This excellent workout routine is good for your cardio and it’s so easy and accessible. For best results, you don’t just stroll but go brisk walking instead. And as much as possible, move your arms while walking to help burn more calories. You can also bring this workout routine to the next level by carrying small dumbbells or wrist-strap-on weights with you while walking. To accelerate your weight loss, combine walking with interval running.

5. Playing sports. Another great way to burn calories and stay fit is playing sports. Some of the best cardio sports include basketball, football, and badminton among others. When you include any of these sports in your workout routine, you can burn 560 calories when you play in an hour. Any kind of sports is actually an excellent way to burn calories. You just have to choose the one that you enjoy doing.


5 Effective Ways to Flatten Your Billy

bodybuilding-1Diet and exercise may be a good combination to lose weight but they may not be enough to help flatten your belly. A lot of people despite doing regular crunches and sit-ups, feel that they are getting nowhere when it comes to toning their belly area.

It is undeniably difficult to flatten the abdominal area because of several reasons. The idea of some people of what a flat tummy should be is not viable. Actually, even some fit and toned people could not achieve a fully flat belly. This is typically true especially for women because their genes would allow them to allocate certain amount of fat in the belly area that comes in handy during pregnancy because the fat is used as a cushion for the growing fetus. 

The fat belly area cannot only be accounted for the excess abdominal fat or the absence of musculature in the belly area. Abdominal bloating and distension can also be the reason for having a fat belly area. If you turn your attention to these problem areas, it would be easier to deal with the dilemma of having a fat belly. Aside from crunches and sit-ups, check out these 5 ways to flatten your belly and have the abs that you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Correct your posture. Many people don’t realize that even a flat abdomen can look fuller if you have a bad posture. And unfortunately, most people are unaware of their poor posture. In addition to your abdominal crunches, it would make a difference if you also do exercises that can improve your posture. Standing against a wall with your back pressed against it and your stomach muscles tightened is a good indication of what good posture should be. Until the time that having a good posture becomes a second nature to you, you’ll notice your belly area looks the way you want it to be. 

2. Lessen your intake of gas producing foods. If you have too much of beans and vegetables in your diet, chances are, you will experience abdominal distension and bloating because of too much gas. Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are also known as cruciferous vegetables and discerned to be gas producers. Most beans, which include soybeans, are also on the same category. This means that if you take too much of soy based products; you can be prone to abdominal distension and bloating. These can also happen if your diet is too high on fiber or worse, you rapidly increase your fiber intake. Avoid eating too much of gas producing foods to help flatten your belly. 

3. Change your lifestyle Habits for the better. Lack of sleep and excessive stress are two of the major factors that can cause abdominal fats. Your abdominal fat will increase if you also increase the secretion of cortisol in your body. If you don’t have enough sleep and you are always stressed, then the secretion of cortisol is definitely escalating which can lead to your fat belly. If you can’t avoid being stressed, at least find an effective way to deal with stress, and have at least 7 hours of sleep every night. 

4. Avoid using artificial sweeteners. Sugarless products like chewing gum may seem healthy but in reality, they contain artificial sweetener that can also cause abdominal distension and bloating. When you are chewing gum, you allow air to be swallowed and this can cause abdominal fullness. If you have the habit of chewing sugarless gum, stop. It can make a difference to help flatten your belly.

5. Intensify your Cardio. If you want to flatten your belly area, you need to remind yourself that it’s not all about abdominal exercises. Even if you do hundreds of crunches and sit-ups every day, your abdomen will still look fuller if you have too much body fats all over your body. It would be a lot better if you also do exercises that will help strengthen your cardio system to help burn fat effectively and faster.

The above suggestions are just 5 of the many ways to flatten your belly. You don’t just focus on abdominal exercises but rather address the problems totally to make a difference.


5 Activities That Will Definitely Make You Fat

bodybuilding-6In today’s modern world, a lot of people are always on the go. Living a fast-paced lifestyle is nothing but ordinary and one of the sad consequences is that most people no longer have time to eat healthy and live a physically active life. Getting fat has become a quick process and as a result, obesity has come to be socially acceptable.

The fast food industry has flourished tremendously over the years. Fast food chains have become more accessible and they seem to be available anywhere you go. Competitions have made the prices of fast foods more affordable as well. In addition, more and more ready-to-eat and tasty food options are now available in the market.

We now live in a world where technology makes it possible for us to do almost anything fast and easy. So it’s not surprising at all that most people have no time and even the desire to be physically active. It is so much easier to be fat and takes no effort at all. And we are not just talking about not eating the right food here because there are things that we normally do without realizing that these activities help in adding those unwanted fats to our body. Here are 5 activities that will definitely make you fat. 

1. Sleeping too little or too much. Even if you are eating a healthy diet everyday but only sleep five hours or less, you are still most likely to put on 2 ½ times more belly fat. If you can have eight hours of sleep on a regular basis would be so much better. However, if it is really not possible, aim at least to have an average of six to seven hours of sleep per night because this is the ideal amount of sleep for those who want to control their weight.

2. Skipping meals. People who want to lose weight normally skip their meals without knowing that this habit can actually make them fat especially when the meal you’re skipping is breakfast. When you skip your meal, your metabolism slows down and you boost your hunger so the tendency is you will overeat on your next meal. When this happens, you are just putting your body in prime fat-storage mode which is one of the catalysts towards becoming fat. 

3. Watching too much TV. Overweight participants in a study at the University of Vermont showed that when they lessened their time watching TV even by just 50%, it helped them lose 119 more calories on average per day. A smart thing to do is to maximize your TV time by doing a few household tasks on the side to help burn some more calories. 

4. Eating too quickly. One of the major flaws of our body, if you can even call it a flaw, is that it would still take 20 minutes before the stomach can signal the brain that it is already full. So it makes sense that it’s best if you take time to chew and savor the taste of your food in order to avoid overeating which you will regret later on after those unwanted calories have turned into fats. 

5. Eating when emotionally stressed. Do not eat if you are experiencing emotional stress because you have the tendency to eat more than what you should consume. As much as possible, do not deal with your emotional stress by eating. A study from the University of Alabama showed that you can become overweight 13 times more if you eat while under emotional stress. Try doing something else when you feel the urge to eat in response to stress like drinking water, taking a walk, reading a book or just about anything as long as it does not involve food or eating.


Tips in Building Your Own Workout Plan

diet-2-28-days-to-leanWhen designing a well-rounded and realistic workout routine, you need to take into consideration what exercises that each of your body part needs. No one knows better what’s best for you than yourself. The best workout plan is one that is created around your goal, diet, age, biology and including your free time among others. And who knows all these things better than you do. It may seem difficult to develop your own workout routine but you can look for tips in building your own workout plan to make things easy and kind of fun.

1. It’s a busy world out there so you need to decide where you want to exercise and how much time you can spend. Whether you like it or not, there will be times you will have other commitments that will keep you from going to the gym every day. Good thing you don’t have to spend hours every day in the gym to achieve your goal. Develop a workout plan simple enough so that you will have better chances to stick with the program. Configure it depending on the time that you can spare religiously to your training which includes having your meals accordingly. Your routine type will be dependent on the time you can spend. It is important that you initially get into the habit of doing your workout around the same time regularly. It will be easier for your body to get used to it. Then as you gain strength, stability and stamina, you can adjust your workout routine.

2. Keep it slow on the first few sessions of your workout. Do not engage in an intense workout early on and especially if you were not really active prior to starting your workout program. If you force yourself to an intense workout, you’ll end up feeling sick and demotivated and worst, dropping off your program. Just give yourself some time because after all, this is not a competition. All you really wanted is to take advantage of the health benefits. This is what building your own workout plan is all about, to work at your own pace. However, keep in mind that you need to set a goal. Once you have set the number of reps you will perform, gradually try to increase it. Don’t expect to get instant results because this could take some time. 

3. You have muscles on specific parts of your body for a reason. Determine the muscle group that needs more attention. But this does not mean that you will only work on certain parts of your body even if you are just interested to burn those abdominal fats. Develop a workout that will keep all muscles toned. Do exercises that can work every muscle group. You may be the one building your workout plan but still you need words from the experts. You can also do your research online or other avenues for that matter to create a routine that best suits you. Choose exercises that can create balance and symmetry in your program. For areas that need more attention, you can always add more sets. Do not forget to take into consideration your previous injuries (if there’s any) or weaker links. Choose exercises that will not aggravate them. If you have any, consult a doctor, a physical therapist or a certified trainer since they know better.

4. Put variety in your workout plan to avoid boredom. One of the main reasons of those who do not continue in their workout routine is that they get bored with it because it is just too plain and repetitive. Weather it is weight lifting or cardio exercises, make sure to switch up your workout routine for added fun.

5. Warming up before the workout and cooling down afterwards are essential in your workout plan. And at the end of the day, always establish a period of rest. This is very important because this is the time when your muscles develop. So again, remember to indicate a warm up and cool down routine in your workout plan and don’t forget to set a resting period on your schedule.

These tips in building your own workout plan can help a lot to jump start you workout routine. Eventually, you can do more intense workouts and advanced techniques depending on your progress.


5 Ways to Quickly Build Biceps


465355722_xsIf you are to perceive strength, what comes to mind is a bodybuilder type of man with huge biceps and all that. Just like any other muscle group in your body, hard work and dedication are the main factors in order to achieve the full potential of your bicep development. But you can learn different techniques to help build your biceps fast and easy. Here are 5 ways to quickly build biceps.

Make Sure Your Diet is High in Calories

If your bicep is not developing as you wanted, check out your diet because it has great influence on how your biceps can grow to an impressive size. Just like the other muscle group, you need additional calories to help build your bicep grow big and strong. This could mean an overall weight gain but with the right workout, you can grow muscles at the right spots in your body. If you want your biceps to grow impressively, an addition of 500 calories of protein and complex carbohydrates to your daily diet would do the trick.

Hammer Curls

There are many exercises that include curls but cannot deliver the expected results. This is because they are not targeting the right muscle. There are two muscles that comprise the bicep. The larger bicep muscle is called brachii and you can use standard curls to develop it. Then there’s the brachailis, the muscle that runs outside the biceps brachii. The hammer curls can train the brachailis. You can do hammer curls using dumbbells held in a palms-in grip. It’s how you hold the dumbbell which makes it look like a hammer. You can help develop the whole upper arm by doing hammer curls for the brachailis.


You will use a barbell to do this old school bicep exercise. To start the 21’s, you do 7 partial bicep curls as you move your elbow from a 180 degrees position to a 90 degree. The continually do 7 more partial bicep curls while you move your elbow from the 90 degrees position to the farthest that the elbow can reach. Finish it by doing 7 full range bicep curls.

Zottman Curls

Nosy at it looks but the Zottman curls are great exercises to help build your biceps immensely. Using the same movement, the Zottman curls can work both on the biceps brachii and the brachailis. You do this exercise while holding dumbbells on both hands. Bring the dumbbells up and before you lower them down, twist your hands and in a palms-down position you start lowering your hands. You can build your biceps completely and much faster using the Zottman curls.

Barbell Curls

This may be a classic bicep exercise but when done exclusively for biceps, you will still be very successful in your target. You can determine the amount of work the biceps brachii did through the amount of wrist rotation. Therefore, maximize supination using a movement that allows practically heavy load. You can apply different grip width. This can help ease the discomfort that others feel when using s barbell. This can also help highlight the other part of the biceps. If you want to give emphasis to the long head, use a narrower grip.  A wider grip on the other hand will give emphasis to the short head.

These are just 5 ways to quickly build biceps and there are so much more. Remember that your biceps are your show-muscles even if they are not the biggest or the strongest muscle group in your body. Using the right kind of movements or exercises, you can work on the vein, bulge and peak to have biceps in massive sizes.


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Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide is a private, family-claimed American supplier of fitness, wellbeing, and exercise center items. We comprehend that fitness living is more than a direction for living however a pledge to offering fitness experts the greatest determination, most smoking brands, the speediest shipping and the most accommodating and educated client administration. Our mastery in the business empowers us to offer the most focused costs so you can offer more to your customers and stay aggressive in this worldwide world.

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Wholesale fitness equipment is offered by organizations that work in the business equipment space supplying sellers huge scale bundles to fit the needs of their customers, individuals, and business partners. Wholesale fitness equipment is less costly and less expensive than standard equipment found by particular brands. Wholesale fitness equipment is exceptionally looked for after for huge business exercise centers, for example, wellbeing clubs, group focuses, colleges, and office structures. At fitness equipment depot worldwide we have an immense scope of equipment accessible at exceptionally aggressive evaluating, we can offer you incredible rebates that you won’t discover anyplace else either online or in other retail locations. 

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Our organization has some expertise in remanufactured fitness equipment. We trust that worldwide customers merit quality business exercise center equipment that arrives securely and in immaculate condition. Our organization realizes that it can be hard to choose a fitness supplier from over the globe, however our organization has a demonstrated reputation of giving exercise center equipment to customers everywhere throughout the world throughout the previous 25 years. We have been fruitful throughout the years and appeared with demonstratable achievement that we can supply all your fitness equipment needs. Our customers need the best item at the most focused evaluating and the most comfort. We make a huge effort to guarantee our worldwide clients are totally fulfilled by our craftsmanship. 

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Reducing Your Belly Fat

d450cd4c8a964b5c0d666f1476a85419When losing weight, it seems that the fat around your belly is the last to go and it’s very discouraging. I’m going to give you a few tips to help reduce it. First thing to do is measure your waist. A measurement of more than 35 inches (women) and 40 inches (men) is considered to be unhealthy.

Aerobic exercise is key.

You want to make sure you focus on calorie burning exercises. Sit-ups and crunches is not the way to go to reduce belly fat. If there is fat covering your abdominal, strength exercises won’t change that. 


This is kind of a no brainer. Without reducing your calorie intake, you won’t have a chance in losing your belly fat. Get rid of the refined grains and replace them with whole grains, absolutely no trans fats, and keep up on your fiber intake which can reduce the presence of cortisol in the stomach.

Drink water.

Water can increase your metabolism and also helps curb your appetite. Dehydration will decrease blood volume, which reduces the amount of oxygen supply to our muscle leading to tiredness. This leads us to think that we are weak, so we may increase the intake of food. 

Take your time.

You must realize that losing the fat around your abdominal area takes time. Most people fail at losing it because they don’t see results within the first couple days, so they lose hope. Set a reasonable goal and follow it, over time you will see your belly shrink. 

Eat less more often.

Eating less more often can help raise your metabolism and can help reduce your appetite. When you eat 3 meals a day, you are storing calories you don’t use, which can turn to fat. It’s better to break up the calories you eat into 5 or 6 meals.

Take supplements. 

There is no magic diet pill that will make your belly fat go away. But taking amino acids, calcium, and vitamin D will help reduce belly fat and tighten loose skin. Always check with your doctor before taking supplements.

Give up on sugar drinks.

Removing soda and other sugar drinks will help you reduce belly fat greatly. Even common vitamin water drinks have been discovered to be very high in sugar and calories, so try to stick with water as your main hydrator.