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The Basic Program on Weight Training


Training program for the rapid growth of muscle mass. The story of a basic program and the scientific basis of its effectiveness.

It is believed that the first basic training program was described in the book of Bill Stara (1), the Olympic champion in weightlifting coach and lead the United States, the famous Baltimore Colts win the tournament on the American football Super Bowl V in 1971.

According to the authors’ experience muscle growth work best 4-6 sets of 4-6 repetitions increase in load in each set (2). For simplicity, it is recommended that the 5 sets of 5 reps, hence the alternative name of the program – “5×5″.

What is the basic program?

At its core, “5×5″ – a typical lifting program aimed primarily at increasing the strength. But it is obvious that if the increases muscle strength, then together with the increased size of muscle fibers and the surrounding sarcoplasm.

Unlike training on Pumping with its large number of sets and repetitions, the backend is primarily the growth of the muscle fibers, not sarcoplasmic . In addition, the fiber structure is a more dense and supple.

Description of the program on weight

Base program on weight is any exercise program, means the maximum weight of a limited number of sets (3 to 10), the low number of repetitions of the exercise (3 to 8), as well as the long rest periods (3 to 5 minutes).

Most often, when the backend worked all the muscles of the body in one workout ( complex training ), so the exercises used in the program must simultaneously involve the maximum number of muscle groups.

Why does the backend work?

First, when performing exercises with a maximum weight of the body gets a strong signal for the synthesis of new muscle tissue, and second, as the energy used by ATP and creatine phosphate (yes, it’s the same creatine ) rather than glycogen.

Energy Depot muscles are almost complete, and as soon as a signal that is required to synthesize new muscle tissue, these processes begin immediately. But it is important that this requires enhanced diet before and after exercise .

How to build muscle fast?

Most beginners (especially prone to thinness Ectomorphs), energy depot muscles are very limited, and after washout of glycogen excessive training or Pumping does not remain in the body energy for the synthesis of new muscle tissue.

The basic program does not require a large power station, it requires a full commitment to short and high-intensity training. While respecting the power gain in muscle mass for beginners can be up to 5-7 kg. in the first months.

What kind of training include work fast type of muscle fibers, and what – is slow, and what are the differences between these types of fibers?

The program of the basic exercises

The reason for using only deadlifts, squats, bench press, bench press and deadlifts standing to his belt – the involvement of a large number of muscle groups during exercise. Plus, these exercises stimulate the production of testosterone .

Isolation exercises are more suitable for the study of individual muscle bundles professionals, but not to build muscle base novices. In addition to this, the insulating performance of exercises with more weight is dangerous.

Cons basic training program

The more is the curb weight, the increased risk of injuries of the joints and ligaments, and techniques for beginners mistakes can cause injury even with average weights. By and large, the work of a weight exceeding 100 kg. admissible only with insurance or with a coach.

In addition, the training gives greater weight to load not only the muscles but the nervous system. And if your muscles enough 36-48 hours of recovery, the nervous system can take a week. As a result, such a program greatly exhausts the body