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Ten Hottest Female Erogenous Zones


Of course, the most powerful erogenous zone of a woman can be considered her brain, but there is a “but.” After shtudirovaniya educational literature for young surgeons, we have concluded that there are a dozen areas in which the school is not exactly mention. Naturally, we’ll tell you about each in turn.

  1. Erogenous zone of the neck

How it works: Come back to the girl, get the hair that cover the neck and begin to cover it with kisses. First kiss one way, then – the second. Note: First, make sure that the girl is ready for a close, otherwise you can grab a resounding slap.

  1. Erogenous zone on the wrist

How it works: Gently slide your finger over the skin on the inside of her wrist, a little tickle him. If the situation has, you can even lick it lightly. You know, few people realize that this is where a woman’s erogenous zone, because, becoming a pioneer, you will be pleasantly rewarded.

  1. Erogenous zone of the elbows

How it works: The cut her arm with kisses on the inside. Do not be surprised, in fact, the gesture is much intimate than it seems. Just do not try to bite.

  1. Erogenous zone in her hair

How it works: Spend a hand through her hair, sensual massage your scalp. The girl felt a surge of happiness, because at this time in her blood endorphins. The main thing – be careful not to spoil her hairdo.

  1. Erogenous zone behind the knees

How it works: Gently slide your finger under her knee – where the girls are very carefully hidden erogenous zone. If at this point she does not laugh from the tickling, you can safely use heavy artillery – kiss and gently nibble on this place.

  1. Erogenous zone on the ear lobe

How it works: Spend on the lobe and bit her tongue, and then move on to the central part of the tab. At this point, pause and observe her reaction – a lot of girls do not like it when a man gets into the ear of her tongue. If she did not push you, and did not run for a tissue, gently caress the duration and rejoice this wonderful woman’s erogenous zone.

  1. Erogenous zone on the feet

How it works: Remember – in order to win the heart (and other vital organs) girls, one should start with her feet. Gently massage her feet and heels, also pay attention to the toes and ankles. Try to find a point located just below the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle. According to an acupuncturist, she accumulates sexual energy.

  1. Erogenous zone on the lips

How it works: Lick the upper lip of the girl, and try with his lower lip frenulum stimulate her language. This zone they strongly associated with the nerves of the most important organs for sex, but because if you never make a mistake, the reaction partner pleasantly surprise you.

  1. Erogenous zone of the butt

How it works: touch her lower back (if you follow the textbook of anatomy, that “in the sacrum”). Do not forget to walk lightly on the spine, gradually going down to the buttocks. There you can give free rein to his hands, besides a similar prelude can already be called an erotic massage.

  1. All other erogenous zones

How it works: If you know enough to each other, and are already standing naked, feel free to move on to the finals: stroking her all over the body, from bottom to top and vice versa. If your hands are rough and you control the pressing force, then maybe something will come of it. In general, if you are already naked and lying in the same bed – it means that something has happened.


Exercises for Deltoids Shoulders


Last week we talked about the fact that the classical basic program is designed to increase overall muscle mass, but if your goal – broad shoulders and V-shaped sports figure, you need isolation exercises .

In addition, to improve the effectiveness of training muscles of the shoulder complex is extremely important variety – you have to vary both the exercises and techniques work, alternating between a large number of repetitions (up to 25) with a small (8-12 reps).

The best exercises for the muscles of the shoulders

Deltoid muscles of the shoulders owes its name to the Greek word delta («Triangle”) as the muscle group is divided into three heads: front, middle and back. In addition, each of these parts is responsible for its own type of movement.

The front part of the delta is involved in the standing press and chest muscle training ( bench press ), the average – in abduction hands to the side and at the same time up ( lifting dumbbells in hand ), back – back in training ( pull rod to the belt ).

Simulator for shoulder muscles

Ups with dumbbells in hand – a classic exercise that has many variations, carried out in the gym or on the blocks. Remember, however, that working with free weights are always preferred because the muscles are loaded evenly.

Carrying out the variation in the simulator exercises (in a seated position, bent at the elbows are raised to the sides), you are virtually impossible to start the abdominal muscles and the stabilizing muscles of the body, which is not always a plus.

How to download trapezius muscles?

First of all it is important to note that the study of different types of trapezius muscle Schrage (from the English word “shrug”, literally meaning “shrug”) is not required for beginners, gaining primary muscle mass.

Remember that when done correctly, these basic exercises like deadlifts or pull rod to the belt trapezius quite seriously involved in the work. The same goes for the neck muscles – for beginners it is absolutely not necessary.

The Workout: Week 17

This week, you will also have three training sessions: the first with a focus on back muscles, biceps and shoulders, the second – on the muscles of the legs and the press, and the third – in the pectoral muscles and triceps muscles of the arms. The goal – the active study of the upper body, shoulders and arms.

In this exercise large muscle groups of the basic exercises and different workout shoulder: deltoid muscles need a higher number of repetitions (10 to 15), moderate operating weight, slow speed and flawless te