Muscular Man Lifting Some Dumbbells

5 Effective Ways to Lose Wight

Muscular Man Lifting Some Dumbbells
Muscular Man Lifting Some Dumbbells

Being overweight is now a big problem for many people. And if we take into account the fact that one in six people on our planet has a problem with being overweight, it becomes clear why the question “How to lose weight?” Is so relevant now.

Here are five effective ways to exercise to combat obesity.

1. Biking racing

Cycling – this is one of the best ways to bring almost all groups of muscles in tone. Start standing with short biking trips, over time, add the ride, new routes and load level. Thus you combine a relaxing trip for himself with good workouts.

2. Running downhill

This run will help you get the perfect figure, devoid of unpleasant body fat. Before each race should be carried out 15 minute workout to warm up the muscles. If you are unable to go outdoors, then you can do it on the treadmill at the gym, after setting it to rise 10%.

Then move on to sprint for 20 seconds, then slowly start to slow down. Repeat this series of 8 times to achieve the best results. Recommend that you include a workout into your schedule once a week.

3. Exercises with dumbbells

Exercises with dumbbells help burn body fat. For best results, include in your training exercises with weights 4-5 times a week 4. And soon you’ll be able to feel the result.

4. Rowing Machine

The experts on fitness unanimous that rowing machine is indispensable when it comes to burning fat. This simulator allows you to get rid of calories at a very high speed. 2-3 workouts per week on a rowing machine will not keep waiting for the result.

5. Swimming

Swimming can burn only as many calories as jogging and hiking, so it can be recommended for those who began the fight against excess weight. 35-45 minutes a day of swimming increases the rate of metabolism in the human body, as well as contribute to the rapid burning of calories. Also, do not forget that swimming perfectly formed muscular figure.

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