Best Exercise to Flatten Tummy


body-building-full-hd-wallpapersanother one of the best exercise to flatten tummy is simply to do a combination of all of the above.  Eating healthy, doing cardio and some strength training is a good mixture and will lead to a much healthier life style.  You don’t want to embark on a path that you can’t maintain the rest of your life.  That is why I consider ‘dieting’ a bad word and would rather just do things that are healthy and easy to do for many years to come.

Some simple things you can do along w/ your cardio and strength training (besides the afore mentioned higher intake of protein):

–    Drink more water throughout the day to keep your metabolism going and you feeling full (being dehydrated often makes you feel like you are hungry).

–    Eat more fiber.  It’s great for the digestive system.

–    Eat 5-6 small meals a day instead of 2-3 big ones.  Just make sure they are 300-400 calories each or not exceeding your limit for the day.

another one of the best exercise to flatten tummy are crunches.  Crunches obviously kind of go along with pilates because they are focusing on your core.  Notice I said crunches and not sit-ups.  Sit-ups work other parts of your body, but if you google pilate type exercises that involve crunches, you will work that mid-section much more.

You should know that if you are eating poor and not getting any cardio that crunches won’t do that much for you.  Even if you have the best abs ever, no one will be able to see them if they are covered in fat!  You will need to get rid of that fat by doing cardio and making sure you are eating healthier.  Even the best exercise to flatten tummy won’t get you a flat tummy if you are eating 2 dozen donuts a day!

another one of the best exercise to flatten tummy is pilates.  I think pilates are one of the best exercises in general because they focus on your core and it doesn’t take long to get a good workout.  I will warn you that if you aren’t currently working your core, you may be sore for a few days, but it is well worth it.

I started this intense pilates workout that took about 20-25 minutes a day (depending on how quickly I flew threw it) and I was in A LOT of pain the first week.  At first I was depressed because my stomach actually got bigger…but then I just learned that it was because my muscles were swollen (because they weren’t the ones I normally used).  Once the initial shock was over, my stomach got smaller and it was getting rock-hard.  So I definitely rank pilates as one of the best exercise to flatten tummy because it’s tested and true in my book!

if you are already doing cardio as your best exercise to flatten tummy and you’re not seeing results, you may want to vary a few of your eating habits to see some results.  Eating foods that are high in protein are also good for a flatter stomach.  The intake of protein allows your body to burn more fat.

Some proteins that are healthy and fill you up are things like nuts, seafood, chicken, yogurt and beans.  Eating all of these things in moderation can aide in the best exercise to flatten tummy.  If you are a vegetarian, you can also add more dairy like milk and cheese or even tofu.  So swap out your afternoon sugary snack with something packed with protein and you’ll be satisfied longer and working toward your goal of a flatter tummy.

one of the best exercise to flatten tummy is to just do 30-minutes of cardio most days of the week.  This can mean a brisk power walk, jog, run or using one of the machines at the gym.  If you’re not a fan of just hitting the pavement, you can use the elliptical, arc trainer or stair climber at your gym or maybe you have purchased one for home use.

Getting cardio is one of the best exercise to flatten tummy.  Cardio training allows your body to burn more fat.  You are burning more fat because you are increasing or boosting your metabolism to a rate that you wouldn’t normally reach if you were just going through your normal day without a slight workout.  You will see results in the mid-section if this 30-minute workout is all you incorporate into your normal routine.

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