Ten Hottest Female Erogenous Zones


Of course, the most powerful erogenous zone of a woman can be considered her brain, but there is a “but.” After shtudirovaniya educational literature for young surgeons, we have concluded that there are a dozen areas in which the school is not exactly mention. Naturally, we’ll tell you about each in turn.

  1. Erogenous zone of the neck

How it works: Come back to the girl, get the hair that cover the neck and begin to cover it with kisses. First kiss one way, then – the second. Note: First, make sure that the girl is ready for a close, otherwise you can grab a resounding slap.

  1. Erogenous zone on the wrist

How it works: Gently slide your finger over the skin on the inside of her wrist, a little tickle him. If the situation has, you can even lick it lightly. You know, few people realize that this is where a woman’s erogenous zone, because, becoming a pioneer, you will be pleasantly rewarded.

  1. Erogenous zone of the elbows

How it works: The cut her arm with kisses on the inside. Do not be surprised, in fact, the gesture is much intimate than it seems. Just do not try to bite.

  1. Erogenous zone in her hair

How it works: Spend a hand through her hair, sensual massage your scalp. The girl felt a surge of happiness, because at this time in her blood endorphins. The main thing – be careful not to spoil her hairdo.

  1. Erogenous zone behind the knees

How it works: Gently slide your finger under her knee – where the girls are very carefully hidden erogenous zone. If at this point she does not laugh from the tickling, you can safely use heavy artillery – kiss and gently nibble on this place.

  1. Erogenous zone on the ear lobe

How it works: Spend on the lobe and bit her tongue, and then move on to the central part of the tab. At this point, pause and observe her reaction – a lot of girls do not like it when a man gets into the ear of her tongue. If she did not push you, and did not run for a tissue, gently caress the duration and rejoice this wonderful woman’s erogenous zone.

  1. Erogenous zone on the feet

How it works: Remember – in order to win the heart (and other vital organs) girls, one should start with her feet. Gently massage her feet and heels, also pay attention to the toes and ankles. Try to find a point located just below the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle. According to an acupuncturist, she accumulates sexual energy.

  1. Erogenous zone on the lips

How it works: Lick the upper lip of the girl, and try with his lower lip frenulum stimulate her language. This zone they strongly associated with the nerves of the most important organs for sex, but because if you never make a mistake, the reaction partner pleasantly surprise you.

  1. Erogenous zone of the butt

How it works: touch her lower back (if you follow the textbook of anatomy, that “in the sacrum”). Do not forget to walk lightly on the spine, gradually going down to the buttocks. There you can give free rein to his hands, besides a similar prelude can already be called an erotic massage.

  1. All other erogenous zones

How it works: If you know enough to each other, and are already standing naked, feel free to move on to the finals: stroking her all over the body, from bottom to top and vice versa. If your hands are rough and you control the pressing force, then maybe something will come of it. In general, if you are already naked and lying in the same bed – it means that something has happened.


Exercises for Deltoids Shoulders


Last week we talked about the fact that the classical basic program is designed to increase overall muscle mass, but if your goal – broad shoulders and V-shaped sports figure, you need isolation exercises .

In addition, to improve the effectiveness of training muscles of the shoulder complex is extremely important variety – you have to vary both the exercises and techniques work, alternating between a large number of repetitions (up to 25) with a small (8-12 reps).

The best exercises for the muscles of the shoulders

Deltoid muscles of the shoulders owes its name to the Greek word delta («Triangle”) as the muscle group is divided into three heads: front, middle and back. In addition, each of these parts is responsible for its own type of movement.

The front part of the delta is involved in the standing press and chest muscle training ( bench press ), the average – in abduction hands to the side and at the same time up ( lifting dumbbells in hand ), back – back in training ( pull rod to the belt ).

Simulator for shoulder muscles

Ups with dumbbells in hand – a classic exercise that has many variations, carried out in the gym or on the blocks. Remember, however, that working with free weights are always preferred because the muscles are loaded evenly.

Carrying out the variation in the simulator exercises (in a seated position, bent at the elbows are raised to the sides), you are virtually impossible to start the abdominal muscles and the stabilizing muscles of the body, which is not always a plus.

How to download trapezius muscles?

First of all it is important to note that the study of different types of trapezius muscle Schrage (from the English word “shrug”, literally meaning “shrug”) is not required for beginners, gaining primary muscle mass.

Remember that when done correctly, these basic exercises like deadlifts or pull rod to the belt trapezius quite seriously involved in the work. The same goes for the neck muscles – for beginners it is absolutely not necessary.

The Workout: Week 17

This week, you will also have three training sessions: the first with a focus on back muscles, biceps and shoulders, the second – on the muscles of the legs and the press, and the third – in the pectoral muscles and triceps muscles of the arms. The goal – the active study of the upper body, shoulders and arms.

In this exercise large muscle groups of the basic exercises and different workout shoulder: deltoid muscles need a higher number of repetitions (10 to 15), moderate operating weight, slow speed and flawless te


The Basic Program on Weight Training


Training program for the rapid growth of muscle mass. The story of a basic program and the scientific basis of its effectiveness.

It is believed that the first basic training program was described in the book of Bill Stara (1), the Olympic champion in weightlifting coach and lead the United States, the famous Baltimore Colts win the tournament on the American football Super Bowl V in 1971.

According to the authors’ experience muscle growth work best 4-6 sets of 4-6 repetitions increase in load in each set (2). For simplicity, it is recommended that the 5 sets of 5 reps, hence the alternative name of the program – “5×5″.

What is the basic program?

At its core, “5×5″ – a typical lifting program aimed primarily at increasing the strength. But it is obvious that if the increases muscle strength, then together with the increased size of muscle fibers and the surrounding sarcoplasm.

Unlike training on Pumping with its large number of sets and repetitions, the backend is primarily the growth of the muscle fibers, not sarcoplasmic . In addition, the fiber structure is a more dense and supple.

Description of the program on weight

Base program on weight is any exercise program, means the maximum weight of a limited number of sets (3 to 10), the low number of repetitions of the exercise (3 to 8), as well as the long rest periods (3 to 5 minutes).

Most often, when the backend worked all the muscles of the body in one workout ( complex training ), so the exercises used in the program must simultaneously involve the maximum number of muscle groups.

Why does the backend work?

First, when performing exercises with a maximum weight of the body gets a strong signal for the synthesis of new muscle tissue, and second, as the energy used by ATP and creatine phosphate (yes, it’s the same creatine ) rather than glycogen.

Energy Depot muscles are almost complete, and as soon as a signal that is required to synthesize new muscle tissue, these processes begin immediately. But it is important that this requires enhanced diet before and after exercise .

How to build muscle fast?

Most beginners (especially prone to thinness Ectomorphs), energy depot muscles are very limited, and after washout of glycogen excessive training or Pumping does not remain in the body energy for the synthesis of new muscle tissue.

The basic program does not require a large power station, it requires a full commitment to short and high-intensity training. While respecting the power gain in muscle mass for beginners can be up to 5-7 kg. in the first months.

What kind of training include work fast type of muscle fibers, and what – is slow, and what are the differences between these types of fibers?

The program of the basic exercises

The reason for using only deadlifts, squats, bench press, bench press and deadlifts standing to his belt – the involvement of a large number of muscle groups during exercise. Plus, these exercises stimulate the production of testosterone .

Isolation exercises are more suitable for the study of individual muscle bundles professionals, but not to build muscle base novices. In addition to this, the insulating performance of exercises with more weight is dangerous.

Cons basic training program

The more is the curb weight, the increased risk of injuries of the joints and ligaments, and techniques for beginners mistakes can cause injury even with average weights. By and large, the work of a weight exceeding 100 kg. admissible only with insurance or with a coach.

In addition, the training gives greater weight to load not only the muscles but the nervous system. And if your muscles enough 36-48 hours of recovery, the nervous system can take a week. As a result, such a program greatly exhausts the body


How to Take Measurements Body


Why to track the progress of training is important to measure not only the weight of the body, but the shoulder straps, waist and core muscles. All about how to make the measurement.

How to evaluate the result of training?

Most often to evaluate the success of strength training using conventional scales, with a certain periodicity comparing your weight. If the weight does not change, many are upset, considering that there is no progress.

This method is not accurate because it is impossible to say, due to which weight has increased or decreased – at the expense of muscle, fat, or even water. In addition, remember that different formulas of the “ideal weight” is simply useless.

Why do I need to do measurements

Measuring the volume of his body – a much more accurate way to evaluate the effectiveness of training. Use the measuring tape you are measuring girth of the chest, waist, arms and legs to see if there is progress in the growth of muscles.

If you are doing hard and eat, but a few months does not commit changes the basic measurements of the body, it is said that the training program should be changed. Even if the total weight of the body increases.

How often should I take measurements

Measurement of body girths enough to spend time in a few weeks. If you make such measurements more frequently than once every two weeks, you may not notice a significant difference in numbers, as the muscles do not grow as fast.

The basic rule of measurement of body girths is that these measurements should be carried out as the same, measuring in the same place, as well as trying to measure as objectively as possible, without deceiving himself.

How to take measurements

Take measurements of the body in the morning right after using the toilet. Measurements at the end of the day is not quite correct, as there may be a slight swelling of the feet, as well as an increase in body weight due to ingested food during the day.

It is not recommended to take measurements immediately after strength training when the muscles increase in volume due to blood flow. Such measurements are more self-deception than fixing your real result.

What are the places to measure muscle?

First, you need to measure your weight. Second, grasp the shoulders, chest and waist – chest is measured at the level of the nipple during inspiration, the waist at the navel through normal breathing. Third, the need to measure the core muscles.

Biceps measured without muscle tension at the widest point when bent hands, forearms – with a clenched fist with the middle arm, thigh – sitting in the middle legs, calves – standing on his toes, and centered. Additionally, neck girth measured.

Rules of strength training for teenagers 14-16 and 16-18 years. All about how you can use the operating weight and what exercises are allowed.

How to take measurements?

Try not to strain your muscles during measurements and do not make too big breaths when measuring the circumference of the chest and waist, trying to increase the volume of the breast and fix a large number. Objectivity is more important.

Of measurements to be used as a measuring tape and a simple strip of paper without divisions – in this case, you first fix the girth, and then shoot the measurement ruler. The latter method is more objective.
How to measure the levels of fat?

An important part of the body measurement – measurement of body fat. The measurement of this level will show, due to what is set or reduce your weight – due to muscle or fat tissue.

To measure the level of fat in the body can be used as a mechanical device (such as a plastic clip – calipers) or special electronic instruments or scales with body composition analyzer.

Measurements of parameters of the body – the main way to assess the progress of strength training. Necessary to fix the weight, body fat percentage, girth shoulders, chest, waist, hips, and biceps circumference, upper arm, thigh and calf.

Muscular Man Lifting Some Dumbbells

5 Effective Ways to Lose Wight

Muscular Man Lifting Some Dumbbells
Muscular Man Lifting Some Dumbbells

Being overweight is now a big problem for many people. And if we take into account the fact that one in six people on our planet has a problem with being overweight, it becomes clear why the question “How to lose weight?” Is so relevant now.

Here are five effective ways to exercise to combat obesity.

1. Biking racing

Cycling – this is one of the best ways to bring almost all groups of muscles in tone. Start standing with short biking trips, over time, add the ride, new routes and load level. Thus you combine a relaxing trip for himself with good workouts.

2. Running downhill

This run will help you get the perfect figure, devoid of unpleasant body fat. Before each race should be carried out 15 minute workout to warm up the muscles. If you are unable to go outdoors, then you can do it on the treadmill at the gym, after setting it to rise 10%.

Then move on to sprint for 20 seconds, then slowly start to slow down. Repeat this series of 8 times to achieve the best results. Recommend that you include a workout into your schedule once a week.

3. Exercises with dumbbells

Exercises with dumbbells help burn body fat. For best results, include in your training exercises with weights 4-5 times a week 4. And soon you’ll be able to feel the result.

4. Rowing Machine

The experts on fitness unanimous that rowing machine is indispensable when it comes to burning fat. This simulator allows you to get rid of calories at a very high speed. 2-3 workouts per week on a rowing machine will not keep waiting for the result.

5. Swimming

Swimming can burn only as many calories as jogging and hiking, so it can be recommended for those who began the fight against excess weight. 35-45 minutes a day of swimming increases the rate of metabolism in the human body, as well as contribute to the rapid burning of calories. Also, do not forget that swimming perfectly formed muscular figure.


Workout at Home Environment


Most likely, you do not have much free time to spare, so the time you take for your home workout, you need to use to the maximum and to the best advantage.

In these exercises you will be loading the muscles of the legs, but the fat burning will occur throughout the body. These exercises will help you improve muscle tone and overall endurance.

1.Jumping with a rope

Jump rope to a high pace. Duration – 60-90 seconds. In the event that you experience difficulty while jumping rope, fit the usual jumping on the spot.

  1. Push-ups + fitball

Take the emphasis lying on his outstretched hands, and put socks on fitball. In this exercise, you will need to constantly find a balance and poise during push-ups. This technique will make even more effective push-ups. If you can not commit the socks on fitball, you can perform this exercise, resting on fitball knees. Exercise is repeated 20 times.

  1. Squats + bench + dumbbell

Take standing position, hands with dumbbells are at shoulder level. Slowly lower to that level until the thighs become parallel to the floor. Powerful movement strife back and start to squeeze the dumbbells up. Exercise repeat 15-30 times.

  1. Tilting + dumbbells

Make a forward lean to the point where your body is parallel to the floor. Decayed waist. Hands with dumbbells omitted and deployed in line. Perform pull dumbbells to his waist, while you try to keep your elbows near your body. At the top of the amplitude shalt thou finish the shoulder blades together. Exercise is repeated 15 times.

  1. Twisting + fitball

Take original position: lying on the floor. His hands behind his head. Pinch fitball between your knees bent. Simultaneously raise your legs and torso, head pull the knees. Exercise repeat 20-30 times.

All exercises should be performed serially, one after the other, making a break of 30 seconds. After a circle made of these exercises take a break 90-120 seconds. Embarking on a new phase of these exercises. Accomplish this just an exercise 2-3 times.

Weight Dumbbell choose so that during the last repetition you felt the most weight.

The regularity of workouts per week – 3-4. And just one month.

Increase the intensity and the operating weight Regulate yourself.

This set of exercises will help your body to gain more relief forms, and prepare the muscles for functional training hard in the gym.


Punching Bag In Addition To Cardio


Just do not forget the gloves. Knocked off hands in the blood of course look manly, but not always. And there is no need to learn to bandage your hands – special bandages, gloves can now be bought. And on top of them put on boxing gloves. And the battle!

Further the small induction training for training with a boxing bag.

Determined with weight

Pick a weight that after each punch bag is not much swayed because a strong swing indicates that the weight is too small. Remember that a good workout can be considered as such only in the event that during the attacks bag hangs straight, almost rocking.

Take a proper footing

The bag must be of you at arm’s length. Next, accept boxing stance: the left foot should be in front, right foot placed on a step back and a half-step to the right. The legs bend slightly at the knees, body weight is uniformly distributed on both feet, but the right leg should be a little more loaded.

Hit with full force

You have to aim at the middle of the bag. If nanesesh side impact, it will lead to loosening or unwinding of the bag. After the strike, immediately return immediately hand to the starting position. Pumps alternately jab (long straight punch “front” hand), crosses (direct hit “back” hand), hooks (side impact). Combination of punches: jab, cross, jab-cross-hook, jab-cross-hook.

Determined to the level of the loadc2001f2fc743803015e428015c898ab5

This may be a measured 10-minute workout or a more intense version – 5 of rapid approaches for 3 minutes with a break of 30 seconds. If you this is not enough and you want to do your cardio intense, it breaks jump on the rope.


How to Burn Fat


d9f325de8f27e84a90fa9d7fd99ffe8fThis article about how men fight obesity, and, in particular, with the fat on the stomach.

But before we start talking about the fight against fat, is to deny the most popular myth: in fact, twisting or any other exercise for the abdominal muscles are not able to burn fat in this area. Local burning fat is physically impossible.

Burn a twisting belly fat?

Human physiology research shows that despite the fact that the working muscle does use energy as a box next to her adipose tissue, thirty minutes of twists at the press burn only 0.05 g. fat (1).

The mechanism of action of exercises to get rid of the fat a bit different – with aerobic exercise the body learns to use internal reserves of energy, gradually increasing the number of capillaries in the adipose tissue, which causes it to burn.

Three different types of fat

Obviously, the number of capillaries can not be increased indefinitely, and this strategy works only up to a certain point and a certain type of fat. That’s why many easily lose weight first, but it’s hard to make that relief stomach.

In fact, the fat in the adult human is not the same, and relates to one of the three essentially different types of internal fat, subcutaneous fat, fat determined gender. And for each of them requires its own strategy of struggle.

Internal fat

As the name implies, the internal (visceral) fat is stored primarily in the abdomen, forcing stomach forward. The more complete person, the more he has such fat. It is the fat gives the figure of fat people apple-shaped.

To combat the fat cardio is most effective. All those who claim that dramatically lost weight from running, got rid of in the first place from the internal fat. If you are able to pull the belly, then you have quite a bit of the fat, and the run will not help you (3).

Subcutaneous fat

Approximately 40-60% of the total fat in the body falls on the subcutaneous fat – the same soft fat, which can be touched through the skin. On subcutaneous fat aerobic exercise influence to a lesser extent, except they require and diet with reduced calories.

On average, you can get rid of 400-700 g. such fat per week (4), which is equivalent to 500-900 in shortages kcal per day. The body can not burn that fat faster, and if you lower the calorie stronger, you’ll lose in the first muscle, not fat.

How to measure the level of fat in the home? Tips, Tricks, and tables.

The fat in the abdomen and thighs

The third type of fat – fat, defined gender, and being men in the abdomen and back. The fight with the fat is relevant to those who have less than 10% body fat, since it is obvious that you can not lose weight on my stomach, remaining fat.

Unfortunately, it is this fat is the most problematic, because the body uses it as a last resort, after getting rid of the internal and subcutaneous fat. Strategy for dealing with the fat comprises a total solution.

Lose weight once for life?

It should also be noted that, contrary to popular belief, the number of fat cells is not incorporated genetically, and the body is quite capable of creating new fat stores (2). Unfortunately, after that fat cells are virtually die off, and remain forever.

In fact, adipose tissue resemble a sponge – you can lose weight and “drain” the fat cells, but you always have to maintain a diet and engage in exercise, as these same fat cells very quickly again to restore the previous volume with overeating.


Sports Massage



A huge number of magazines and websites write about the health of that there are many different massage techniques with which you can easily get rid of body fat, for example, anti-cellulite massage or modeling.

Most often, there is a vague explanation that describes that this massage “breaks” the fat cells, causing fat “leaves”, the volume of the body are reduced and the skin becomes smooth and elastic “only” 10-12 sessions.

Effective if modeling massage?

In fact, there are no studies that a variant of massage – both manual and hardware – can affect body fat (1). In addition, even the idea contrary to the physiology of the human body.

If the mechanical action could “break” the fat cell, the intensity of this impact would have had more harm than good. In fact, the yield of free fatty acids from fat cells and only affect hormones hormones.

How to burn fat?

Simplified mechanism of burning fat is as follows: under the action of adrenaline and a number of similar fat cell hormone releasing it contains free fatty acid (FFA), which carries the blood flow to the liver where they are processed into energy.

The hormone insulin response to eating carbohydrates or proteins, are quite blocks the action of adrenaline, and allows the cell to produce free fatty acids. In addition to burn body fat must be in need of energy which the load means.

Vibrating belt

In contrast to the manual massage, which, while not able to get rid of fat, but has a number of advantages (including the removal of toxins from the tissues and excretion of excess fluid), and vibrating belt massager can seriously harm your health.

There are cases when the active use of these zones has led to a decrease in muscle tone of the abdominal and body, causing internal organs are affected by unnecessary vibration (2). Never use such devices.

Sports massage for muscle growth

Despite the fact that with the help of massage can not get rid of the fat, the importance of massage for muscle growth no one denies. Sports massage can really speed up recovery after strength training.

In fact, sports massage technique similar to conventional methods, hygiene, and the main difference lies in the activity of impact (3) – Sports massage can be even more painful, especially if you perform it often.

Why sauna negatively bad for muscle growth? Advice on how to complete the exercise, and all the benefits of a contrast shower.

Advantages and benefits of massage

The main benefit of sports massage is that when it is carried out detoxification of muscle tissue after training and the accumulated lactic acid, which causes a burning sensation and pain usually is released and utilized by the body.

When blood flow is improved tissue massage that positively affect both their permeability to oxygen, and the assimilation of nutrients, and primarily of protein. In addition, massage relaxes and lowers cortisol – stress hormone (1).

How often need a massage?

Perfect to combine high-intensity training on basic program and a weekly sports massage performed for about an hour. It is best to plan for the weekend hardest workout and immediately after to go for a massage.

Just after the first session, you will notice that your muscles will recover much faster and will decrease the pain the next day after a workout. All of these factors, of course, will next train more effectively.

Massage is not able to burn fat and redistribute it to the body or decrease the number. Regular sports massage significantly speeds up recovery and, therefore, muscle growth. But before any massage is recommended to consult a doctor.


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