In Home Training Vs Training In a Gym

bodybuilding-trainingOk today we are going to talk about in home training vs. training in a gym. So let’s start off talking about in home training first. There are many advantages to this style of training for example it is one on one with no one else there watching you so you can feel more comfortable. The other advantages are that the in home training eliminates excuses of why you couldn’t make it to the gym because the trainer is coming to you at your convenience. Whether it’s in your home, a parking lot, your office, a studio, or better yet a park near you. The single best thing about in home training is it caters to you and all your needs whereas training in a gym you have to go to the gym in front of all those people that are probably watching you. Also being in the gym you have to have a membership whereas doing in home you don’t have to pay for a membership to the gym because in home training provides all the equipment. In the long run this will also save you money. Sure the gym has all the machines you can think of but now days let’s face it half of people don’t know to use the machines or people are just using the free weight’s, bosu ball, medicine balls, bands, and just their own body weight. Now day’s it comes down to convenience for people so the most convenient thing is in home training vs. going to the gym. Now lets talk about price per session on average a gym changes anywhere from $60/hr-$100/hr depending on what gym you go to but the average in home training cost anywhere from $35/hr-$65/hr but the great thing about being an in home personal trainer like myself and own my own business is I can also negotiate the cost per session where at a gym they can’t do anything about it other than split up the payments which is still rather expensive, I know this because I used to work in a gym. My opinion is you should really find a in home trainer that is near you because it’s the most convenient and cost effective way to get the results you want without a gym. Don’t let not having a gym membership hold you back from getting the results you want and deserve. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Gym Fitness Equipment-Stepping Towards a Healthy Life

testosterone-cream-bodybuildingWe all have a goal in our life when it comes to fitness. Some of want to work out just to reduce that extra inch from the waist and some want to work out to add that extra inch their chest. Hence, with each human being, the goals differ and so do the ways of achievement. Gym is a place where people go to loose that extra pound or gain that extra strength. Gyms are very popular in United Kingdom and Ireland. It is recommended for everybody to head to a gym and keep your body working. There are several equipments being used in gym and actually they only give power to the gym. 

All the gyms may possess basic cardio equipments like treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and stair climbers. Treadmills are very popular as they are easy to operate. Elliptical trainers are one of the most popular equipments of these days. It helps toning middle region and also helps in doing low impact workout for whole body. It gives minimum strain to joints. Exercise bikes, just like treadmills are easy to operate and are very good for whole body work out. All these equipments are good for your heart health. For further strength training, you need free weights, weight machines and resistance or balancing equipments can also be used. 

Weight machines have a whole lot of incremental weights, that are attached to a pulley. This pulley can be lifted by pushing or pulling other parts of the weight machine. Exercise ball is also very popular these days. All these equipments can also be hired and used. This way the customers would get a trial of different equipments and the financial part of the gym is also taken care of. You can locate such renting companies from internet and there are companies in United Kingdom and Ireland who rent such equipments.


Fitness Tips for Baby Boomers

strengthIf you pick up any typical health and fitness magazine that emphasizes muscularity and body sculpture, you will notice that very little credence is given to the home gym. It is as though a home gym were not an equally viable alternative – which in my 5-year experience has shown to be just as effective as a professional gym, as long as you are committed and are consistent. In this article, you will discover the little talked about advantages and benefits of having your home gym vs. having a gym membership. 

The 6 Advantages of Owning A Home Gym vs. Having A Gym Membership 

Let us take a look at each benefit of a home gym one-by-one: 

Advantage #1 – It Is Available 24/7

With a home gym, you do not have to adapt yourself to the hours of the gym. If you want to exercise at 3:00 a.m. – you can. If you want to exercise at 11:00 p.m. – you can. Sundays. Holidays. It doesn’t matter. Your home gym is always there waiting and ready to serve you by whatever schedule you designate. 

Advantage #2 – No Monthly Fees 

Once you pay for a piece of equipment, you’re done. No more money out of your pocket. In the short run, paying monthly gym fees may not be significant in the first few months, but over the course of 1, 2 or 3 years of monthly gym membership, you could have purchased yourself a mighty snazzy home gym. 

Advantage #3 – No Need to Leave Home and Drive Out 

Let’s say that you have to be to work at 7:40 a.m., and in addition to that you have to get your daughter up, fix breakfast and have her ready for school. (I am sort of describing my own situation.) Well, if you have to begin your workout at 4:00 a.m., you are out of luck for most membership gyms that open up at 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. And remember, you still have to count in your drive time (and finding parking if it happens to be after work hours when everything is very busy) 

Advantage #4 – No Need To Worry About Athlete’s Foot 

Something that very few gym owners like to mention or talk about is how easy it is for you to get athlete’s foot by bathing in public gym bathrooms. (And yes, you sometimes get it even when you wear those rubber beach sandals.) Once that grungy fungus gets between your toes, you can expect a burning itch-fest for many days or weeks to come. 

Advantage #5 – No Need To Wait to Use Equipment 

If it is a busy time of the day, like at about 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. when everyone is getting off from work to go to the gym, you can expect that there are going to be a lot of people wanting to use the choice pieces of equipment. Sometimes you will get a self-centered and inconsiderate person who will, say, literally hog the pec deck or the calf-raising machine. Sure you can get into an argument with how they are taking too long, but who wants the hassle? 

Advantage #6 – It’s Never Crowded 

Alluding to advantage #5 of the home gym, again is the simple fact that because it is your personal gym, you need not share it with the public. In short, is it never crowded on your workout floor. If you are one who likes to workout alone in the peace and quiet of your home asylum, a home gym might be just the choice for you.


Outdoor Fitness Is Beneficial To Your Health

mark_oakesGetting in shape or staying fit could be a complicated grind and a lot of men and women detest the mere thought of going to a gym to exercise. For several the really idea of getting in their cars and driving to a stuffy indoor place with hundreds of other sweaty folks is ample to put them off of exercising altogether. There’s an excellent alternative and it can be appropriate outside your door. Outdoor fitness could be the key to getting that fantastic body you’ve usually craved. 

Most cities nowadays have wonderful parks or nature reserves where you are able to go for outdoor fitness routines. Should you are in relatively excellent shape and have no difficulties with your legs or knees you’ll be able to commence by jogging close to the park or all over your neighborhood. Do not try and do too much the first day simply because then the subsequent morning you could uncover your self stiff, in discomfort, or just unable to move. The trick is to commence slowly and not let negative factors enter your outdoor fitness routing. It has to be fun to work out and must leave you feeling greater and much more energized. You might locate your self with some muscle discomfort the following day but which is superior ache and should you do not go nuts and over exert your self it ought to not be as well bad. Take a couple of aspirin, Tylenol or other non-prescription agony killer if you think you will need to. Of course, as in any exercise plan, you must consult with your physician prior to starting any outdoor fitness routine or taking any medicines or ache killers. 

Several of the city parks now have unique areas set aside with outdoor fitness training stations for distinct workouts for instance sit ups, crunches, stretching, pull ups, and other workouts you possibly can do. The advantage to being ready to do these routines within the good outdoors is that you might be capable to appreciate the sunshine, think the grass under your feet, and breathe some fresh air. If you ever live near a beach or lake you’ll be able to generally discover a walking or jogging path all-around there, or just walk on the beach itself. The sand will give you additional resistance and supply you with an added exercise. Do not be afraid of breathing difficult or sweating. After a excellent work out make sure you think somewhat drained and be freely perspiring. For anyone who is not, then your work out is most likely not strenuous ample for you. It’s all about heart rate and keeping the heart rate elevated for extended periods of time. If you’re walking or jogging, you ought to try and do it for at least 30 minutes straight. 

Hill climbing or hiking is excellent and any time you’ll be able to uncover a very good lengthy hill to walk up and down you need to go for it. Walking or jogging up hills is an excellent concentrated outdoor fitness exercise that may yield much more dramatic results. The other advantage to hill workouts is that it can be in fact less of an impact to the joints. You might come across that your calves will ache for a few days but you may spare the pounding that your knees typically take on flat surfaces.


5 Tips to Start and Stlck with Your Exercise Program

bodybuilding-mythsFind and connect with your WHY. This has got to be personal. It has to be something that makes you emotional. Everyone wants to look good naked. Everyone wants to be comfortable in their clothes and their own skin. The questions is why do YOU want to be healthier and fitter AND why haven’t you been successful wit this in the past. Do you want to be able to play with your kids? Do you want to be comfortable around your husband? Do you want to run a marathon? Are you scared of how you may end up if you don’t change? Do you eat when you are emotional? Do you make excuses when you are tired? Do you keep saying I will start Monday? Enough already!! Ask the hard questions. Dig deep and find your why. WRITE IT DOWN and read it every morning! 

Less is more. What do I mean? Having the all or nothing attitude is a crucial mistake that too many people make. Vowing to never eat sugar again, exercising every day for an hour, losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks and so on. These types of goals are set ups for failure. You will be belly deep in Oreos, sitting on the couch and 10 pounds heavier just from the stress you put on yourself!! It’s too much pressure! Start your fitness/health journey with baby steps and small goals. Replace an unhealthy snack with a piece of fruit. Commit to 10 minutes of exercise your first week and add 5-10 minutes weekly. The point is….just move more and make better choices one day at a time. Once you see how small changes make you feel you will be motivated to do more. 

Do something you enjoy. If running makes you cry, in a bad I want to lay down and die way, then don’t do it. If you abhor the treadmill (I do!) the stay away from it. This is a really simple tip. Find something that you enjoy doing and that gets your heart rate up at the same time. Make it fun with a great playlist that makes you want to move (fyi…dancing is cardio). Make your alone time or make it your date time. Find what makes you happy. You should look forward to your “workout” not dread it! This brings me to my next tip…. 

Spice it up. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Variety is the spice of life right? Don’t quit because you hit a plateau or you get bored. Change it up. Try a group class…I highly recommend Turbo Kick 😉 or Zumba for those who like to dance. Get a gym membership or get an at home workout program. Try lifting weights. Sign up for a 5K or go crazy and sign up for a half marathon! Have you seen the Kangoo classes? I so want to try that!! Are you googling that right now? Seriously, your body adjusts to changes quickly so keep it guessing by keeping your routine fresh and interesting! 

Surround yourself with like-minded people. I get it. This can be hard. You can’t get rid of your husband because he keeps buying cookies and ice-cream! You can find others who are on the same journey. Everyone wants to lose weight and be healthier. Find those that are committed and support them, workout with them, vent with them. Find them on Facebook, at work, at church….but find someone who will be a good support and accountability partner or group for you. This is especially beneficial in the beginning when you will find any excuse to skip out on your dedication. You are less likely to bail when you know someone is counting on you to be there. 

Bonus tip: It is ok to have a splurge. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just don’t have more than 1-2 per week or you are defeating all that hard work you put in!


Spice Up Your Workout Regime

gym-japanFace it. We all get bored with the same old day in day out. This goes for our fitness or workout regimes too. You are more likely to stick with it if you get excited about it, look forward to it and it doesn’t bore you out of your mind! So here are some tips on spicing up, changing up and doing something new to help you stay committed focused and having fun with exercise. 

1. Get a workout buddy. Instead of meeting the girls for dinner, meet up in the park for a walk. Instead of lunch dates, have gym dates. The option are limitless. Having a buddy or group increases your accountability making it harder to come up with excuses and skip out. 

2. Try a new program or class. Find something with upbeat music. Or if calm is more your style find a yoga class. You will make new friends, find that workout buddy and if you are competitive by nature then you will pushed to do your best. 

3. Set a specific and unique goal. We all have pounds to lose so get creative. Think of something that is fun and challenging. Sign up for that Obstacle Course 5K and start training for it. If you like lifting find a competition. Again the options are limitless. 

4. Implement tools. If you are a cardio maniac do some research on resistance and strength training. Start mixing free weights, kettle bells, resistance bands and body weights in with your cardio. You will start feeling new burn! 

5. Get a fitness app for your smart phone. This is where the options are really limitless, almost overwhelming! There are apps where you can challenge others in virtual races. Your phone can be your personal trainer. Explore the fitness app options and pick one or two that look fun and try them out. The best part….you can get some pretty good ones for free.