Coffee: Weight Loss Meracle or another Dead End


maxresdefault-1Coffee: weight loss miracle or another dead end?When it comes to weight loss, we all tend to look for a magic bullet; that miracle that will make a difference. A number of studies have shown a link between coffee and weight loss, but there is some controversy about long-term effectiveness.

How it works

There are a number of legitimate, scientifically documented way that coffee contributes to weight loss:

  1. Coffee helps curb cravings. Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant, and eating less leads to weight loss. No conclusive studies have been done to determine how long the appetite remains suppressed after drinking coffee.
  1. Coffee is a diuretic. Water weight can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Coffee aids digestion and helps you shed extra water. You should be aware that this is a temporary weight loss. While a discernable weight loss coupled with less bloating offers a significant psychological advantage when starting a new diet, only sustained effort will keep the weight off.
  1. Coffee burns fat. The thermodynamic properties of caffeine boost metabolism and help your body burn more of the calories you consume. Your body stores less calories as fat and you lose weight as a result.
  1. Coffee is rich in antioxidants. Coffee contains a number of antioxidants classified as chlorogenic acids, which aid weight loss by slowing the release of glucose. In turn, this process slows the production of fat cells and adds to satiety – it makes you feel fuller, longer.

How much coffee should I drink to lose weight

Coffee has a lot of beneficial properties and several recent studies indicate that there are many health perks hidden in your morning java. However, you should also know that there are some risks associated with over consumption. Most experts recommend 2 to 4 8-oz cups per day.

As you might imagine, adding lots of cream and sugar to coffee will negate any weight loss benefits. Drinking it black for best results, or lightly sweetened with skim milk.

What to expect

Coffee is not a miracle weight loss drug, and it won’t produce any wild results. Drinking a moderate amount of coffee every day will help you lose weight with a sensible, healthy diet and exercise. It is a great way to supplement your diet, not a standalone solution or a fast fix.

Evidence of the benefits of coffee are piling up. Recent studies indicate that it can help prevent type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and several types of cancer, and stave off mild depression. So drink up, but don’t expect miracles in the short run. The long run is another story entirely.



Cindy Johnson is a freelance writer with a passion for healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. She loves to travel and is an avid fan of Dr. Oz. Click here for more health tips. When she’s not writing, Cindy loves to hike in the mountains of North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, son, and a small assortment of dogs.

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