My Body Is Made To Move


bodybuilding-motivation-_-hard-work-pays-off-_-no-pain-no-gainNext time you watch a Sci-Fi movie, watch how non-human villians and aliens move. From Orks in Lord of the Rings, to Jabba the Hut in  Star Wars the imagination of the writers in producing other life forces is astounding.

I am in awe of how OUR bodies are designed to move. The incredible detail in our design allows movement in multiple planes, varying speeds, over all kinds of surfaces. Our joints have been the model for many physics and mechanical advances.   Think of it:

We have a skeleton which is subdivided at ankles, knees, hips, wrist, elbows, shoulders to allow transfer of weight and balance efficiently.  Then there is the spine that is complete with a complicated series of faucets and cushions between the vertibrae so we can rotate, flex/ extend as needed for balance, and jolt and jar without hurting the spinal cord.  We have an integrate set of  ligaments and tendons holding the  skeleton together and yet allowing maximum mobility.

Our shoulders could not rotate our arms 360 degrees front to back and also 360 in the frontal plane if the joint was hinged like the knee. AMAZING!  I think about our eyes which have depth perception, our feet and hands have pressure sensors all of which allow us to efficiently and effectively move around and DO things.

Our lungs and heart know how to ramp up the oxygen and blood flow when we exert and come  back to normal when we are resting.

No doubt about it, our being is designed to move not sit still.  But beyond that, we are most efficient when we regularly move the frame.

Our bones stay strong and dense as long as we do body weight activity.  Our digestion is aided by movement.  We can manage our weight easiest when we  move so as to use up calories.

Exercise raises our seratonin, the hormone that makes us feel happy.  In fact exercise is prescribed for depression and various mood issues. When we exercise, our brain gets more clarity because oxygen and blood have rushed from head to toe. Our blood pressure and blood sugar respond to exercise as a primary non-pharmacutical treatment.

So Change how you view exercise!  If the bodywas designed and  made with movement in mind, we should use it according to the manufacturers suggested purpose, don’t you think?


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