Punching Bag In Addition To Cardio


Just do not forget the gloves. Knocked off hands in the blood of course look manly, but not always. And there is no need to learn to bandage your hands – special bandages, gloves can now be bought. And on top of them put on boxing gloves. And the battle!

Further the small induction training for training with a boxing bag.

Determined with weight

Pick a weight that after each punch bag is not much swayed because a strong swing indicates that the weight is too small. Remember that a good workout can be considered as such only in the event that during the attacks bag hangs straight, almost rocking.

Take a proper footing

The bag must be of you at arm’s length. Next, accept boxing stance: the left foot should be in front, right foot placed on a step back and a half-step to the right. The legs bend slightly at the knees, body weight is uniformly distributed on both feet, but the right leg should be a little more loaded.

Hit with full force

You have to aim at the middle of the bag. If nanesesh side impact, it will lead to loosening or unwinding of the bag. After the strike, immediately return immediately hand to the starting position. Pumps alternately jab (long straight punch “front” hand), crosses (direct hit “back” hand), hooks (side impact). Combination of punches: jab, cross, jab-cross-hook, jab-cross-hook.

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This may be a measured 10-minute workout or a more intense version – 5 of rapid approaches for 3 minutes with a break of 30 seconds. If you this is not enough and you want to do your cardio intense, it breaks jump on the rope.

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