Sports Massage



A huge number of magazines and websites write about the health of that there are many different massage techniques with which you can easily get rid of body fat, for example, anti-cellulite massage or modeling.

Most often, there is a vague explanation that describes that this massage “breaks” the fat cells, causing fat “leaves”, the volume of the body are reduced and the skin becomes smooth and elastic “only” 10-12 sessions.

Effective if modeling massage?

In fact, there are no studies that a variant of massage – both manual and hardware – can affect body fat (1). In addition, even the idea contrary to the physiology of the human body.

If the mechanical action could “break” the fat cell, the intensity of this impact would have had more harm than good. In fact, the yield of free fatty acids from fat cells and only affect hormones hormones.

How to burn fat?

Simplified mechanism of burning fat is as follows: under the action of adrenaline and a number of similar fat cell hormone releasing it contains free fatty acid (FFA), which carries the blood flow to the liver where they are processed into energy.

The hormone insulin response to eating carbohydrates or proteins, are quite blocks the action of adrenaline, and allows the cell to produce free fatty acids. In addition to burn body fat must be in need of energy which the load means.

Vibrating belt

In contrast to the manual massage, which, while not able to get rid of fat, but has a number of advantages (including the removal of toxins from the tissues and excretion of excess fluid), and vibrating belt massager can seriously harm your health.

There are cases when the active use of these zones has led to a decrease in muscle tone of the abdominal and body, causing internal organs are affected by unnecessary vibration (2). Never use such devices.

Sports massage for muscle growth

Despite the fact that with the help of massage can not get rid of the fat, the importance of massage for muscle growth no one denies. Sports massage can really speed up recovery after strength training.

In fact, sports massage technique similar to conventional methods, hygiene, and the main difference lies in the activity of impact (3) – Sports massage can be even more painful, especially if you perform it often.

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Advantages and benefits of massage

The main benefit of sports massage is that when it is carried out detoxification of muscle tissue after training and the accumulated lactic acid, which causes a burning sensation and pain usually is released and utilized by the body.

When blood flow is improved tissue massage that positively affect both their permeability to oxygen, and the assimilation of nutrients, and primarily of protein. In addition, massage relaxes and lowers cortisol – stress hormone (1).

How often need a massage?

Perfect to combine high-intensity training on basic program and a weekly sports massage performed for about an hour. It is best to plan for the weekend hardest workout and immediately after to go for a massage.

Just after the first session, you will notice that your muscles will recover much faster and will decrease the pain the next day after a workout. All of these factors, of course, will next train more effectively.

Massage is not able to burn fat and redistribute it to the body or decrease the number. Regular sports massage significantly speeds up recovery and, therefore, muscle growth. But before any massage is recommended to consult a doctor.

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