The Beginning of the Gym


wc1683128when i signed my contract for the gym i weighed 236 lbs and was 22 years old.  i’m not sure what my highest weight was, as i said i had already lost some weight at this point.  whenever i would go to the doctor’s office and the assistant would put me on the scale i would look away.

anyways, i kept up the gym workouts and healthy eating to the best of my ability.  don’t worry, i wasn’t running on the treadmill for an hour a day or doing crazy amounts of weight.  i was starting slow.  doing about 45 minutes of a cardio a day and maybe a rotation on 3-4 different machines to work the muscles.

when i say 45 minutes of cardio, i’d do like 15 minutes on the bike, 15 on the elliptical and 15 on the cross trainer.  some days i would spend the whole 45 minutes on one machine, sometimes i mixed it up.  as long as i was working out, i let myself use whatever machine i felt like…as long as i was moving!

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