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If you travel a lot, you know full well how difficult it can be to maintain your fitness routine. Many of us opt out of exercise when we’re away from home, assuring ourselves that we’ll get back into our groove when we return. But there are two flaws to this thinking: (1) when we’re on the road, we need energy and stamina more than ever—working out can provide that; (2) once we’ve slipped out of our regular routine, it’s hard to return to it.

My answer? Work out no matter where you are. Also, try exercising in the morning, so you can be assured that it gets done. Plus, an a.m. workout is great for boosting your metabolism during the day!

Fitness Videos

Most hotel rooms come equipped with DVD players, and fitness videos can be very motivational. Ask ahead, and if the hotel doesn’t provide one, bring a portable player along. Here are a few DVDs that are great for the busy traveler:

Those with limited time will love Noelle’s Perfect Fitness Travel Workout ($9.95). The workout is a quick 15 minutes of low-impact strength training and toning that only requires an exercise band and small ball (you can use a child’s inflatable beach ball).

Woman using resistance bandThe 25-minute fitness routine BusyFit ($32.53) requires weights. Most hotels will provide in-room weights if you ask for them. But if not, the workouts can be modified for use with resistance bands, which don’t take much room to pack. “This
focused workout contains 10 exercises that
address both major muscle groups and assisters,” the company says. “It is strategically designed to get results, allowing the body
to respond favorably in the shortest amount of workout time.”

If you want to get outside but don’t want to run, pro trainer and exercise physiologist Joey Atlas has a great free YouTube playground video. It provides some truly unique exercises that make for a fun but effective outdoor workout. Atlas also has a number of excellent e-videos for purchase on his site.

Self-Guided Fitness

If you prefer to work at your own pace (without someone pushing you along via your TV), check out personal trainer Adrian Garce’s personal trainer Adrian Garcefantastic, weight-free 30-minute workout. Garce specializes in personalized training programs for people of all fitness levels.

Master trainer and fitness writer Shaun Zetlin suggests doing interval training using moves like jumping jacks, push-ups and planks, which can be performed in any hotel room. “Most people do not realize that using their own body weight when performing intervals can be extremely beneficial,” Zetlin says. “This is a valuable method to develop more speed and progress.”

The Angel on Your Shoulder

We all have our own barriers when it comes to sticking to a fitness routine. If yours is motivation, here are two great solutions for you:

FitOrbit is a subscription site ($40 a month; first 30 days free) giving you access to online personal trainers and individual fitness and nutrition programs, plus 24/7 standby support for those moments when you are really wavering. You even get to choose your trainer, so you can be sure he or she is a good fit. Based on your location, your trainer will adapt your exercises and nutrition plan. (Save up to 40 percent with RetailMeNot’s FitOrbit coupons!)7s2hjhe

This is a fun (and free) extra. Each morning, Daily Challenge sends you an e-mail with an attainable challenge to be completed that day. Some assignments are about fitness, while others are related to well-being.

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