Workout at Home Environment


Most likely, you do not have much free time to spare, so the time you take for your home workout, you need to use to the maximum and to the best advantage.

In these exercises you will be loading the muscles of the legs, but the fat burning will occur throughout the body. These exercises will help you improve muscle tone and overall endurance.

1.Jumping with a rope

Jump rope to a high pace. Duration – 60-90 seconds. In the event that you experience difficulty while jumping rope, fit the usual jumping on the spot.

  1. Push-ups + fitball

Take the emphasis lying on his outstretched hands, and put socks on fitball. In this exercise, you will need to constantly find a balance and poise during push-ups. This technique will make even more effective push-ups. If you can not commit the socks on fitball, you can perform this exercise, resting on fitball knees. Exercise is repeated 20 times.

  1. Squats + bench + dumbbell

Take standing position, hands with dumbbells are at shoulder level. Slowly lower to that level until the thighs become parallel to the floor. Powerful movement strife back and start to squeeze the dumbbells up. Exercise repeat 15-30 times.

  1. Tilting + dumbbells

Make a forward lean to the point where your body is parallel to the floor. Decayed waist. Hands with dumbbells omitted and deployed in line. Perform pull dumbbells to his waist, while you try to keep your elbows near your body. At the top of the amplitude shalt thou finish the shoulder blades together. Exercise is repeated 15 times.

  1. Twisting + fitball

Take original position: lying on the floor. His hands behind his head. Pinch fitball between your knees bent. Simultaneously raise your legs and torso, head pull the knees. Exercise repeat 20-30 times.

All exercises should be performed serially, one after the other, making a break of 30 seconds. After a circle made of these exercises take a break 90-120 seconds. Embarking on a new phase of these exercises. Accomplish this just an exercise 2-3 times.

Weight Dumbbell choose so that during the last repetition you felt the most weight.

The regularity of workouts per week – 3-4. And just one month.

Increase the intensity and the operating weight Regulate yourself.

This set of exercises will help your body to gain more relief forms, and prepare the muscles for functional training hard in the gym.

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