Are Steroids Dangerous?

Steroids – for several decades do not give rest to all the supporters of the power sports and bodybuilding in particular. Almost everyone who regularly visits the gym heard about steroids, or even used them. Most of those who use steroids do so to speak “for themselves” and not for competition. Moreover there is a perception that those who are seriously involved in bodybuilding for more than 3 years of receiving steroids close to 100%.

You can talk as much as it is not correct and irrational, but at the moment in bodybuilding has developed just such a situation. Despite the number of users of steroids, few do it correctly. If 10-15 years ago about steroids was not enough, now its too much. A huge amount of information that falls out of bodybuilding fans from the Internet only creates more confusion and questions.

Most bodybuilding magazines devoted just silent about steroids, hiding head in the sand like an ostrich and pretending as if steroids do not exist, while regularly publishes articles on how to train professional bodybuilders and grow exclusively on sports nutrition.

From time to time in such publications appear on the mortal danger of sex steroids like testosterone which will inevitably happen with those who take them.

It is unclear just how all these horror stories about steroids can coexist peacefully with their wide use for treating various diseases. In the U.S., for example, for many years conducted experiments concerning the properties of steroids to stop weight loss in people with AIDS.

World Health Organization has also conducted research on the use of steroids as contraceptives for men, and in the doses used by athletes and side effects even at very long application was not found. What, then, being completely safe for patients, and as contraceptives, steroids are so dangerous for athletes? What  is it a biological paradox, or planned lie?

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