Best Dianabol Cycles – 9 PROVEN DBol Cycles

What is the right way to use a Dianabol cycle for bulking up if you are a bodybuilder?

When discussing the wide variety of steroids available, those unfamiliar with them tend to assume that there is only one way to take steroids.

This is a misconception, there are a number of ways to gain the benefits of steroids through various names.

Many people are unfamiliar with Dianabol, but it can provide absolutely amazing size and strength gains. At one point, it was completely legal for a variety of uses in the United States.

This changed in the 1990s, but it is still widely used by many athletes around the world.

Dianabol Cycles

Before you purchase or try Dianabol, frequently referred to as Dbol, it is important to do some homework. You need to know what it is used for and how it can benefit you.

The primary use of Dianabol cycles is to increase and define muscle. It works in the body similar to testosterone and can enhance the ability increase and maintain muscle mass more easily.

It can stimulate bulk, but only with appropriate diet and exercise. It is especially important to have a basic understanding of nutrition.

Combining Dianabol with substantial protein consumption and increased caloric intake can make it especially valuable to the body.

Dianabol has been a favorite of bodybuilders for decades and have played a huge role in bringing bodybuilding increased attention.

Though it does have some potential for side effects, including water weight gain, the improvements that can be gained from Dianabol when combined with healthy, nutritious diet, solid training and an effective PCT can be incredible.

Best Dianabol Cycles

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Anyway, let’s discuss some of the best cycles.

1. Dianabol + Testosterone Cycle (12 Weeks Total)

My favourite cycle is a testosterone Dianabol Cycle. This would look like this:

  • Testosterone enthanate 500mg weekly
  • Dianabol 40mg daily

Cycle duration: Dianabol 6 weeks. Testosterone enthanate 12 weeks.

Realistic results: A slight decrease in body fat 1-2%, but mainly a gain of dramatic muscle mass. Around 20 to 35lbs is the norm. I’d also expect to see strength skyrocket, especially as a first cycle.

Some prefer to do a longer Dianabol cycle, of say 8 weeks dianabol at 50mg, and 16 weeks testosterone enthanate at 750MG. I’d save this for future cycles. Usually you can get good results for the first 5-6 cycles before you ever need to increase this way.

2. Dianabol, Test & Deca Cycle (18 weeks total)

Another Dianabol Cycle that is loved by many is the 80’s classic. This cycle would look like this:

  • Testosterone enthanate ran at 750mg weekly
  • Deca ran at 500mg weekly
  • Dianabol at 50mg daily

The cycle duration would be

  • Test-e ran for 18 weeks
  • Deca ran for 16 weeks

And Dianabol would be ran for the first 6 weeks, or 8 weeks on some occasions.

Again, muscle mass gained on this is quite drastic and gained at such a rapid pace it’s hard to deny steroid use! This is a great Dianabol Cycle that was loved by many. It began in the 80’s and is still a bodybuilding favourite to this very day!

Of course there’s also a dianabol only cycle which I did an article about before but this Dianabol Cycle basically consists of the following.

Dianabol ran at 50mg daily for 6 weeks or more experienced users choose to run it for up to 12 weeks. Though, in my opinion, this is pushing it slightly, and you want to use a good liver support, and milk thistle is essential!

5 More DBol Cycle Examples

Here are some of the best Dianabol cycle examples.

1. 6 Week Dianabol Only Cycle

  • Weeks 1-6: 30 mg Dianabol daily

2. 8 Week Dianabol & Trenbolone Cycle

  • Weeks 1-5: 25 mg Dianabol and 42 mg Trenbolone daily
  • Weeks 6-8: 42 mg Trenbolone daily

3. 12 Week Dianabol & Test E Cycle

  • Weeks 1-5: 40 mg Dianabol and 500 mg Test E daily
  • Weeks 6-12: 500 mg Test E daily

4. 6 Week Dianabol & Proviron Cycle

  • Weeks 1-6: 25 mg Dianabol and 50 mg Proviron daily

5. 15 Week Dianabol, Tren & Test E Cycle

  • Weeks 1-5: 30 mg Dianabol and 400 mg Trenbolone daily with 500 mg Test E each week
  • Weeks 6-8: 400 mg Trenbolone daily with 500 mg Test E each week
  • Weeks 9-15: 500 mg Test E each week

Dianabol Post Cycle Therapy

The Dianabol cycle you use will determine what kind of PCT you need. One of the most versatile therapies includes 20 mg Nolvadex every day for four weeks, and 100 mg Clomid every day for two weeks and 50 mg daily for another two weeks.

HCG is also frequently used near the end of the cycle and continuing after the cycle to help stimulate the body’s natural testosterone production and to protect against testicular atrophy.

Dianabol tends to aromatize, so aromatase inhibitors such as Aromasin are often used to prevent gynecomastia. If you do try one of these cycles, you will soon figure out just what a ‘natty’ steroid cycle is.

Gaining 20 pounds or better in six weeks or less will have friends and family asking what you’ve been doing.

Stacking Dianabol with Other Steroids

Dianabol is a widely used oral steroid among athletes who are trying to quickly increase size and strength.

It is especially effective as part of a stack. Because it starts to show results so fast, it is primarily used to get a steroid cycle off to a quick start.

While some people do use Dianabol cycles by itself, most find it more effective when stacked with other performance enhancers.

Some of the most common substances for stacking with Dianabol are listed below.


You have probably heard this before, but the best steroid cycles will use testosterone as a base. This usually involves taking injectable testosterone for ten to twelve weeks.

Some injectable testosterone products that are often used for this purpose include E, Test Prop or Test Cyp along with other anabolic steroids, such as Dianabol.

A common cycle would involve starting the testosterone and Dianabol at the same time, discontinuing Dbol after 4-6 weeks, and testosterone after a total of 10-12 weeks.

Dianabol tends to suppress the body’s natural testosterone production. By following this type of cycle, you are still getting the testosterone that your body would normally be producing naturally.


Some people recommend including testosterone in a stack with Dianabol and Trenbolone. While this does provide amazing results, these results come with a much greater incidence of side effects.

Many users omit the testosterone when taking Dianabol and Trenbolone together in a cycle, with a much lower risk of side effects.

This cycle is usually used for eight weeks, quite a bit shorter than a twelve week testosterone based cycle, but still offer the potential for gains of 20 pounds or better.


Many experienced steroid users will avoid using only oral steroids, and especially using oral steroids together, but Proviron is a mild anabolic steroid that is only mildly hepatotoxic and is safe to stack with Dianabol.

The primary reason for using Proviron with Dianabol is to help counteract some of the more frequently seen side effects of Dianabol, include water retention and decreased libido.

Those who have used these steroids together report that their gains are easily maintained than when using Dianabol alone, and that their efforts in the gym are more productive.

There are several other performance enhancers that people like to combine with Dianabol, including Sustanon 250, Deca Durabolin and Masteron.

Be sure to give some thought to your intentions and do a little research to determine what will best meet your needs and always be sure to include some kind of PCT (post cycle therapy) and a protection against negative effects before starting the cycle.

Dianabol, Andriol and Clen Cycles

Dianabol is typically taken by men in doses of 30mg – 50mg a day on a cycle scheduled to last 4 to 6 weeks. This dose should be very effective to someone new to taking steroids and result in good gains in terms of strength and muscle mass.

If this dosage is not exceeded the risk of negative side effects are reduced.

More advanced bodybuilders may be tempted to increase their dosage so they can improve their results, however this adds to the risk of developing negative side effects and is not something we would recommend.

Beginners’ 4-Week Dianabol Cycle

Weeks 1 to 4 would include Dianabol at 50mg, Andriol at 50mg and Clenbutrol at 50mg.

Advanced Users’ 6-Week Dianabol Cycle

Weeks 1 to 6 would include Dianabol at 100mg, Andriol at 100mg, and Clenbuterol at 100mg.

How Long Until Results are Evident?

When steroids are taken orally, it can take from a few days all the way up to two weeks for them to take effect.

People vary in their response times. If the user is on the proper diet, this can certainly assist in speeding things up.

Our recommendation is to ingest the tablet while eating a meal. If you maintain the proper workout and continue to get a sufficient number of hours of sleep a night, this helps.

Dianabol Cycle Side Effects

Because Dianabol is very toxic to the liver it could cause substantial damage to your liver if not used responsibly.

But if you limit your usage to recommended dosages and avoid using Dianabol over a long duration you can lower any threat of long-term liver damage.

Other side effects commonly seen with Dianabol include:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Oily Skin and Acne

More extreme, less common side effects include:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Liver Toxicity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Testicular Atrophy
  • Water Retention
  • Low HDL Cholesterol
  • High LDL Cholesterol
  • Testosterone Suppression

The side effects attributed to Dianabol cycles differ with every user as everyone has different body chemistry. There are certain side effects that may be related to estrogen when taking Dbol.

To avoid these it is recommended that users add an aromatase inhibitor and/or an anti-estrogen drug to their cycle.

Water retention is common and causes an initial gain in weight with a bloated appearance, apparent in the face and neck regions. Once the drug is stopped the added weight will be lost but the gains in strength should remain.

Final Words

All of these are very powerful Dianabol cycles but to be honest there is so many different types of cycles you can use dianabol in it’s incredible. I know some use it for cutting but I find this a bit silly due to the amount of drugs that are far better at cutting than dianabol. Don’t get me wrong you can “cut” on it but there is FAR better out there.

There you have it, these are just a few examples of the best Dianabol Cycles you can expect to do. As I said there’s countless possibilities especially with bulking steroids.

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