Dianabol Cycle – A Story From A Reader

“After many months of researching I came to the conclusion that the best first cycle for me would be 600mg of test enanthate, 300mg of equipoise(weekly), and 40mg of d-bol a day (for 4 weeks) and then 50mg of anavar for the rest. I planned to run the cycle for 12 weeks.

Luckily for me I knew a guy at my gym, who was selling the stuff at fairly decent prices and I knew that they were good quality from other people that had gone through him before. After getting all the stuff I was tempted to start right away. There is nothing like having a humongous amount roids on your kitchen counter to make you really want to start popping! But anyway I thought to myself if im gonna start using I have to be disciplined so I waited until I collected all the other stuff I needed such as clomid and nova and weight gainer. The two weeks that it took to get everything were the longest in my life!

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So finally I got all my stuff together and managed to convince one of my buddies who is in med school to inject me in the delt. The pins were scary… huge mofos that you just knew were gonna hurt. But it helps having someone else do it cause then you don’t have to watch. So he stuck me full of test and equi in both delts and taught me how to do it in the future.

Starting out I was 224, 6’1 20 years old, with 13% body fat. I had been training hardcore for about 2 years and before that had trained for 3 off and on. My arms were 16.5 on right and 15.75 of left. It only took a week to gain 5 pounds! By the second week my strength was amazing. Weights that previously been my max were becoming my warm up. I used to max my row at a 100 pounds for four reps. Ha, now I was doing 100 pounds for 12!

By the third week I was getting to be your typical roider. I had acne all over my back and chest. My confidence had soared and I started getting more girls then ever in spite of the way my chest looked (wife beaters became my best friend during this time as they covered enough acne to make me look decent but showed off my now 17 inch guns).

By my week six I was a monster. My weight was 260 (I’m not kidding), my arms were pushing 17.5inchs each. Once the anavar kicked in I became one of the strongest guys at the gym! Hell I could just about hold my own with the really big guys. I started rowing 160 for reps and I finally managed to do 12 pull ups (used to only be able to do 3, but now hell I could do 30 if I wanted!). My lats started looking like balloons and my chest became full and defined.

At this point I had been eating for 6 people (about 6000 cals a day) and I was starting to scare girls because I was so big and bloated so I  decided to cut for the rest of the cycle. So for the last six weeks I cut cals down to 2500 (oh my god you can not believe how hard that was) and added 200mg more test and 40mg of whinny for the fun of it with some clen and thyroxine and deca (I had no idea about this stuff so basically I listened to my dealers recommendations). I also took a lot of diuretics to drop all the water I was carrying and look semi human again instead of being the stay puff marshmellow man.

I was totally broke, but since I didn’t need to eat much it wasn’t a problem. Ha ha ha, now this is where I became frigin amazing. Not only did my strength go through the roof, but I melted fat away like butter! I lost about 3 pounds a week by running and lifting every day (the tyroxine and clen helped as well).

By end of the 12 weeks I basically look like a young Arnold shwarzeneggar. Everybody complements me and a few people have told me I should enter a contest. After all I am 242, cut like a pro with under 10% body fat. The veins on my biceps are bigger then pencils, and this is all from my first cycle!

Now I screw a different girl every weekend (all I have to do is walk into a club and within 20minutes I can get any girl I want) and I have never felt better. I’m just 2 days away ending my cycle and I’ve got some HCG on hand since I think my nuts need it (they are almost raisins!). Anyways steroids have given me the best 12 weeks of my life and all the money and all the time was completely worth it!”

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