Testosterone – Story Of A User

I would like to tell you about how using anabolic steroids changed my life for the better.

I’ve been training with weights since I was 16, and it took me a while to discover proper nutrition, lifting and resting habits. Yet I was making no or close to no progress with my body, and I realized that the guys in the magazines were taking something other than Big Butt 4000 Magic Powder. So I decided to give chemical enhancement a go.

Steroids can be dangerous, so be cautious!

Since I live in a country where steroids are legal, it wasn’t much of a problem. At first, I dabbled with low dosages, taking one steroid brand at a time, playing it safe and it was a long learning process.

I was putting 10 pounds here, 20 pounds there, but I never managed to get my weight over 180 lbs at 5’ 11″. I looked OK, lean and muscular with a good six pack, but I was still small. People started noticing me, telling me I keep looking better and better, but I was in no way satisfied. So I decided to go for a big cycle and get really freaky. That is a childhood thing-I was always the smallest, weakest kid who everyone else picked on (today, I meet those same people and they give me a frightened look, say hello and walk away).

Anyhow, I decided to go for a Test Cypionate, Primobolan Depot and Anadrol stack, with Nolvadex and Clomid of course. You can buy them and many other steroids if you follow the guide on DianabolSupplement.com.

I ate six times a day, some 4-5 thousand calories, trained 3 times a week with only the basic exercises and managed to sleep 10 hours a night. It was… magical, I guess. I felt stronger than ever before, alive, happy with myself, very confident and optimistic.

To make a long story short, I gained 40 lbs in 2 months, 30 of which were muscle. I was never happier in my life. My mom had some suspicions, but I don’t think she really wanted to know. I was one of the best developed guys in my gym, pushing the heaviest weights and scaring small children. But the sad truth is, I never got really big.

Why? Then it hit me – I can try anything on this earth, but I’m simply not predisposed to be the huge monster I dreamt of being. I was born an ectomorph, and I will die one.

Having realized that, I went on a strict diet for 8 weeks, the Anabolic diet by Dan Duchaine. I kept all of my muscle gains, and managed to get my body fat level real low. I never measured, but damn, I look great now! No longer bloated, the acne on my back disappeared and I have lots of energy. I work as a male model now, and I comfort myself with the fact that although I will never be large enough for a bodybuilder, I’m one hell of a model! Girls (and guys) come up to me all the time, I hear compliments everywhere, I make enough money, but all that is not so important.

It’s the fact that I learned to live with myself and be happy. Sometimes I think, hey, if it weren’t for steroids I would be a nobody, just another average guy-but then I say, f- -k that! It was me who decided to plunge that needle, it was me who trained his ass off and ate to the point of vomiting, and it was ME who neglected a lot of other things in life so I can do what I love to do, not what I have to. So if you are thinking about starting anabolics, I’m all for it, but make sure to know what you’re doing. Educate yourself before you make that step, because there are too many people I know who screwed up their health because they were stupid and hasty. And remember, steroids are not be-all, end-all. When the time comes, it’s you who will have to draw the line and make a decision. Make it a smart one.

Best of luck!

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