Dianabol Cycles

This article is going to discuss the best dianabol cycle you can take.

First we need to look at the situation, Are you planning to run an oral only cycle? If you are I’d recommend you check this out:

What Is The Best Dianabol Only Cycle?

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Anyway, let’s discuss some of the best cycles.

My favourite cycle is a testosterone Dianabol Cycle

This would look like this.

Testosterone enthanate 500mg weekly.

Dianabol 40mg daily.

Cycle duration: Dianabol 6 weeks. Testosterone enthanate 12 weeks.

Realistic results. A slight decrease in body fat 1-2%, but mainly a gain of dramatic muscle mass.– Around 20 to 35lbs is the norm. I’d also expect to see strength skyrocket, especially as a first cycle.

Some prefer to do a longer Dianabol cycle, of say 8 weeks dianabol at 50mg, and 16weeks testosterone enthanate at 750MG. I’d save this for future cycles. Usually you can get good results for the first 5-6 cycles before you ever need to increase this way.

Another Dianabol Cycle that is loved by many is the 80’s classic

Dianabol test and deca cycle.

This cycle would look like this

Testosterone enthanate ran at 750mg weekly

Deca ran at 500mg weekly

Dianabol at 50mg daily

The cycle duration would be

Test-e ran for 18 weeks

Deca ran for 16 weeks.

And Dianabol would be ran for the first 6 weeks, or 8 weeks on some occasions.

Again, muscle mass gained on this is quite drastic and gained at such a rapid pace it’s hard to deny steroid use! This is a great Dianabol Cycle that was loved by many. It began in the 80’s and is still a bodybuilding favourite to this very day!

Of course there’s also a dianabol only cycle which I did an article about before but this Dianabol Cycle basically consists of the following.

Dianabol ran at 50mg daily for 6 weeks or more experienced users choose to run it for up to 12 weeks. Though, in my opinion, this is pushing it slightly, and you want to use a good liver support, and milk thistle is essential!

All of these are very powerful Dianabol Cycles but to be honest there is so many different types of cycles you can use dianabol in it’s incredible. I know some use it for cutting but I find this a bit silly due to the amount of drugs that are far better at cutting than dianabol. Don’t get me wrong you can “cut” on it but there is FAR better out there.

There you have it, these are just three basic Dianabol Cycles you can expect to do. As I said there’s countless possibilities especially with bulking steroids.

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