Is a Dianabol Only Cycle the Best Choice for Beginners?

Dianabol only cycles are one of the first steroid cycles that many beginner bodybuilders will turn to for adding muscle and keeping the body trim.

This is perhaps the most widely used anabolic steroid available and because it is relatively cheap and has a lower risk of side effects, it has become a go-to compound for new users.

Dianabol cycles can often be combined with other steroids, but you can also see some impressive gains and results if you take it on its own.

What are the right dosages for a Dbol Only Cycle and what kind of PCT (post-cycle theraphy) should you use?

Forms of Dianabol

Dianabol is the common brand name of the C17-aa oral anabolic steroid methandrostenolone.

A liquid version, going by the name of Reforvit-B, is available, but there are sanitary issues with it, making it not very popular.

In tablet form, Dianabol is most commonly found in 5 milligram and 10 milligram tablets.

A big reason for this is because the Anabol, the popular product line from British Dispensary, is available in these doses.

Five milligram tablets from this line are pink, and ten milligram tablets are yellow, but both contain the same active ingredient and offer the same results.

While these are the most common tablet doses, many others can be found. Many users purchase 20 mg tablets, and 50 mg tablets can even be found, most commonly from underground labs.

Dianabol Only Cycles

Because Dianabol is so aromatizable as an oral anabolic steroid, it’s cycles are flexible, but it tends to be quite limited in its application.

It’s a well-known fact that Dianabol is great for packing on bulk and gaining strength and this is what makes Dianabol so popular among bodybuilders and powerlifters, athletes who are most concerned with gaining significant size and strength and who aren’t concerned with retaining water or bloating.

It is the moderate interaction with the enzyme aromatase that leads to its moderate estrogenicity that causes most of the problems with water retention and bloating.

One of the primary drawbacks of Dianabol is its hepatotoxicity as an oral anabolic steroid. Hepatotoxicity means that it is toxic to the liver.

Because of this, it is necessary to limit cycles to no longer than six weeks at a time in order to protect liver function and prevent liver damage.

Because of this, the suggested cycles presented in this article are primarily intended for adding bulk, strength and mass.

With regards to the three levels of use, specifically beginner, intermediate, and advanced, these primary purposes do not change.

Although Dianabol does have its limitations with regards to its use as a bulking agent, it is important to keep in mind that any anabolic steroid can indeed be used to reduce fat or in cutting cycled.

While any anabolic can be used in these ways, they aren’t all necessarily well-suited to this use. Dianabol is one of these that should be reserved for bulking instead of cutting.

Should you Stack Dianabol with Other Steroids?

Aside from these general disadvantages, Dianabol actually stacks well with many other performance enhancers, and particularly well with a handful of other drugs.

The best performance enhancing drugs for stacking with Dianabol cycles are those that are similar to the drug when the user’s intention is to increase strength, build mass and boost bulk.

Even some steroids that aren’t particularly suited to building bulk stack well with Dianabol.

Because it is such a potent strength enhancer and mass builder, it is especially well-suited to complementing other performance enhancers that also build strength and size.

Considering the drawbacks of Dianabol that have already been discussed, this seems to be the major benefit of this performance enhancer.

Dianabol cycles typically incorporate some form of testosterone, such as testosterone enanthate or testosterone propionate. These are anabolic steroids that have similar properties.

Nandorolone Decanoate, also known as Deca Durabolin, is second to testosterone in popularity for stacking with Dianabol because it is so highly complementary.

One of the most common stacks incorporates testosterone and Deca Durabolin. This stack is one of the first steroid stacks used by bodybuilders back in the early days of the steroid movement, and has been one of the most popular stacks used to this day.

Dosages for a Dianabol Only Cycle

  • Weeks 1-6: 25 mg Dianabol per day
  • Weeks 7-12: 300-500 mg/week Testosterone Enanthate

For beginners, this cycle is essentially just an introductory cycle. It offers just the foundation needed to understand and use Dianabol.

Testosterone Enanthate is quite popular among beginners and is considered to be one of the best for those who have never before experimented with steroids.

For the beginner Dianabol only user, testosterone enanthate is taken at a dose between 300 and 500 milligrams per week, though it is up to the individual to decide how much to take within that range.

The reason for this is because it is recommended that a beginner should run at least a couple of cycles of just testosterone before stacking it with other performance enhancers in order to have a basic understanding of what their individual response is to the drug, how much it takes to see results and how much the user can tolerate.

Dianabol itself typically exhibits its desirable anabolic effects near the beginning of the cycle, which is why it is best used as a steroid cycle kickstarter.

Testosterone Enanthate tends to build up more slowly, exhibiting its effects later in the cycle.

After 4-6 weeks, as the cycle nears its end, the full effects of testosterone enanthate become apparent to the user.

As the testosterone enanthate begins to kick in, the Dianabol becomes essentially unnecessary and Dianabol can be discontinued.

This works out because cycles of Dianabol should not last longer than six weeks anyway, in order to protect the liver.

Stronger Dianabol Cycles with Deca Durabolin

Weeks 1-6

  • 100 mg testosterone enanthate per week
  • 400 mg Deca Durabolin per week
  • 25-50 mg Dianabol per day

Weeks 7-12

  • 100 mg testosterone enanthate per week
  • 400 mg Deca Durabolin per week

As a user progresses to an intermediate cycle, Deca Durabolin, also known as Nandrolone, is added to the stack. Deca Durabolin is another steroid that stacks quite well with Dianabol.

The dose of testosterone is reduced to a testosterone replacement therapy dose and is included simply to keep the hormone at normal physiological levels.

At this point, testosterone is being used in a supportive manner rather than a primary anabolic.

Dianabol is increased to a range between 25 and 50 milligrams per day. In the intermediate cycle, Dianabol and Deca Durabolin are the primary anabolics.

It is important to realize, however, that increasing the dose from a Dianabol only cycle is not necessary for all users.

In fact, for many users, it is highly potent at the 25 milligram dose, and its power is boosted by the addition of Deca Durabolin.

This is why the cycle recommendations gives a dosage range of 25-50 milligrams of Dianabol and leaves it to the discretion of the user to determine the exact dose.

It might be a good idea to experiment, starting with a dose at the lower end of the range and gradually building up over a couple of cycles.

While the user should be familiar with the effects of Dianabol from the beginner cycle, this will provide an opportunity to find out how the addition of Deca Durabolin will impact the effects of the stack.

Dianabol and Tren Cycle

Weeks 1-6:

  • 25 mg testosterone propionate every other day, for a total of 100 mg/week
  • 100 mg trenbolone acetate every other day, for a total of 400 mg/week
  • 50 mg Dianabol per day.

Weeks 7-8:

  • 25 mg testosterone propionate every other day, for a total of 100 mg/week
  • 100 mg trenbolone acetate every other day, for a total of 400 mg/week

This more advanced Dianabol cycle incorporates some components that are intended for more advanced users, which is why it is considered a much more advanced stack.

Trenbolone is generally used as an intermediate to advanced performance enhancer. The short-estered nature of testosterone propionate and trenbolone acetate is generally regarded as intermediate to advanced.

The short esters allow results to be seen much more quickly, hence allow for significantly shorter cycle during which the user can take advantage of the relatively rapid effects of the stack.

Because of this it is important to understand how the role of Dianabol changes with this cycle compared to its role in previous cycles.

Whereas previously the role of Dianabol only cycles was to kick-start results, it is now an integral part of the cycle with the trenbolone.

This combination, along with an appropriate adjustment to the user’s diet, should result in dramatic increases in size and strength.

As with the intermediate cycle, the testosterone again plays the supporting role of keeping testosterone at normal physiological levels, while the other two components are the primary steroids in this stack.

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